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The Uninvited Guests

Hi there, you, me and other fellow geeks must have experienced this “uninvited guests” at least once in life, or often (you decide). And right now you might wonder what kind of guests are “uninvited guests”? Let’s be honest, us gamers, really happy to have game buddies orbiting around that are vigilant to take seat for gaming session with you since our hobby here (or activity) does need the presence of others (not you, solitaire players), physically, not saying online mode of board gaming session is not board gaming but it isn’t. Seriously, please just be focus and serious here, I’m talking the good old session with your friends (or anyone / anything else) happily sitting around the table playing board games with you. Ah… those happy times (well, I’m about to get there in an hour or two). So if you’re not a solitaire player, then playing board games cannot be done just by yourself. You need another partners (at least 1 other victim to bully around). And partners come from invitation, you ask your friends, colleagues and more to play with you. The good thing (which we all hope) they respond and willing to play, but not all the time they can manage your invitation. I live in a place where board game is an alien, that usually followed by a question by others and Monopoly as my respond. Yes, it’s not a common thing, not like karaoke or video games Hence we do not have a big community (yet) but it’s growing. With this scale, there are not many gamers lying around to be invited and most of them are not always available. So this leads to the gaming partner issue.

Gaming Group

Gaming over local gathering

What issue is that? It is when you want to play but no one’s available to play with you (no I’m not gonna resolve this to solitaire play, better read rulebooks or browse BGG). Getting someone to play with you is not a trivial quest, sometimes it’s so damn hard, either they’re busy or it’s just you’re not the one person they want to hang out with (*bitch). Either way, it’s a problem for us gamers and one of the solution is to invite all your friends and see who’s come up to the task of true friends (no I’m kidding), willing and able to play with you. So you start sending / broadcasting, here, there and everywhere (by texting, calling, posting request on social media, email , forum thread or maybe BBM broadcast) which will significantly raise your chances (or not) to get gaming partners. Well it’s a good effort though. But based on my experiences doing this kind of shit, there are people that just prefer doing than talking which is generally a good idea (compared to the opposite). Yes, I did invite them over for a game or two, yes I do expect all of them to come (cannot be picky with this kind of thing, can’t I?), but I do more appreciate them to answer to my invitation first rather than unexpectedly showed up without confirmation. Beside it surprises me, they also screw up the session big time! The reason is they ruined the gaming group formula. Let me explain, if you want to gather some friends over a game session, you need to think / plan what to play and how many additional players you’ll be needing. The thing is if you desperately try to invite anyone or everyone and ends up with an odd number of players that would give you and your group a headache to start with. Most Euro games (yes we often play Euros) are suitable / best with maximum number of 4 players (at least games on my collection) and having 5 players in the group is kinda a pain in the ass. It’s good if you have 6 (you can divide them into two 3-player groups) but 5!!!!??? Okay, there are nice amount of 5-player games out there but I don’t have that much and sometimes 5-player games take more times and not the best number for games (not talking about party or filler games). The fifth player is surely an uninvited guest and if he/she’s respond to my invitation first before barging into the session, I am sure I can find another solution of games.

A scheduled game session on progress

A scheduled game session on progress

Look here, how hard can it be, to reply to an invitation? just push a button or type a text can’ be that hard right? I could prepared more suitable games for the group and evade this kind of problems. If you are them, think again. I know you’re invited by me but we feel you as uninvited if you did not give feedback, so give feedback to be invited! It’s a small things but also important, I will definitely appreciate it if you give us heads up!

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