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More Than Just a Gamer

Looking back at my 30 years I was not a real and passionate gamer. Yes I love to play games, but that is really something that children or kids like, playing. For me, there was nothing specific and special about it, just play and play. I played video games on my childhood and teen era, I got glasses from getting to close to television while playing Nintendo and Sega, it had been an addictive moment but I guess it’s just a phase in my life which already over. As time passed, I play to kill time, yes it still offered me pleasure but not as bad as when I smaller.

I managed to move on, I let go gaming and no longer pursue to have the newest and most updated consoles or games, I played what I can and nothing serious can be achieved from it and thought I just wasting my time. The last things that I hold on were a PSP and a PC but now they’re just a memory. When I eventually knew about board games, things were greatly changed. I immediately stop playing any video games (aside games from my android phone) and really really take board games into my religion. Everything about board games really drawn me into something fantastic, impressive and amazing all at the same time. I play and play and play, I started collecting board games, not only just playing it.

Shelf of Board Games

Shelf of Board Games

What’s the point by collecting something? Well as you can see taking ownership on something always feel good, it makes us secure in a way that we partially can describe. It gives us sense of belonging, a trophy to remember, monumental, milestone to live by. It gives us meaning to what we do, not just playing it, killing our time. The short would be “you have what you play” which pretty much sums up the whole idea of collecting games. When we share our game stories to other people, to tell them interesting and awesome moments during our gaming session, those people would (some or even one of them) inevitably ask about what game is it, and do you have it or not. This is a cry for achievement, a proud feeling to have the thing that is the center of the conversation.

So there are 2 different things in one unity, playing and collecting, and both of these things have their own issues. Playing is not as easy as it looks, maybe people see that “Why playing is difficult? All you need to do is play!” Well the problem with that are sometimes we don’t have the time to play amidst our usual day to day activity in life, and we don’t have someone to play with (not that you always or may want to play solo). So there you go, playing needs 2 most important aspects, friends and time which not most of us have at the same time. The same goes to collecting, though in different aspects. Collecting games has money and space issue. Money because you need to purchase games from time to time in a regular basis. And to be frank shipping to my country is a killer, just as expensive as the game itself. The other aspect is the space, when you are serious in collecting games, you need a specific space to keep those games in good condition, that rings “Shelf”. You need shelf and it doesn’t come free with the games and also the shelf needs space in your place. More to it, as your collection grows, you need an extra shelf to keep it safe and organized. Extra shelf means extra space, which really leads to take more space in you house (you need bigger place eventually that of course it doesn’t cheap at all).

Playing Board Games

Playing Board Games

So in short, I am not just a gamer. I am something more, more involved in the board gaming industry. I am the market catalyst, the drive of game publishers and proud being one. I know it’s a money spender (drainer or whatever you may call it) but it has to be done. I want to have a great collection of games that accompany me, my life and family throughout the end of this life, so I can keep playing games and share this hobby til the end, a board gamer enthusiast! One day, maybe I could even design a game, maybe…


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