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“Reasons why Sheriffs shouldn’t drink Whiskey”

Illegal Session – 20 November 2012 (19.30 – 20.15)
Revolver (core set)

It was mid day and the sun has dried out all the water from the ground. The heat of summer has never been this high and water is almost as precious as gold in this wild west region. The town is suddenly alarmed by the sound of two gunshots coming from inside the Bank on Repentance Springs. After that several men came out from the bank hastily with guns and rifles on their hands. The last man came out from the bank turned out to be Jack ‘The Crow’ Colty, who is a notorious bandit wanted across the state by law enforcers for his bank jobs, manslaughter and other long list of serious crimes. The law enforcers were coming as fast as they can to stop the bandits from escaping. They’re late though, to prevent the death of 2 good and honest citizens, Sheriff Anton Dreyfus and Sue Daggett. They died took the blazing hot silver bullets from the Mason brothers. Those low filthy animals has been on Colty’s gang from the beginning. Witness claimed that Sheriff Anton Dreyfus was brutally slain from 2 gunshots by Lenny ‘The Pig’ Mason after was beaten by other bandits. Hell, they don’t like law enforcers more than their ‘loving’ parents. Sue Dagget was killed by Missy Jameson’s revolver after trying to help the poor sheriff. The place has instantly became a war zone in the middle of the town. Most citizens, fearing for their lives, hurried into their house and other buildings. They were watching the battle from inside the building griped with fear.

Colonel Ned McReady arrived at the scene with his trusted sheriffs and deputies to stop Colty. The Colonel has been pursuing Colty right from the beginning. He has some kind of vendetta with Colty, no one know why for sure but most people think it has to do with his own daughter, Poppy McReady who joined Colty (she’s in love with him) and became one of the bandits herself. A grim and hard person himself, The Colonel had taken an oath to bring Colty and his gang down, along with his own daughter if need be. This kind of oath should not be meddled with, for this goal the Colonel is the same dangerous man as Colty.

Apparently, in the struggle to escape out of town, The Colty Gang took some casualties. The deputy managed to clip Salomon ‘Doc’ Mason, the oldest of the Mason Brothers. Micky ‘Riverboat’ Mason infuriated by this, charged forward into the front line with anger and grief filled his temper, gun blazing like madman and killed a deputy and a hired gun shooter. But, that was the last piece of action from him. A bounty hunter landed his silver bullets to his neck and chest, left him immediately breathless. Lenny ‘The Pig’ Mason yelling from back of the barrels trying to get out of his hiding place to join his brothers but Manolito hold him back.

Escape out of Repentance Springs Bank

Though they lost 2 comrades, they’re able to escape out of town, heading to Whiskey Canyon. The law enforcer were tight in their back led by the Colonel. “They choose a perfect getaway!”, said Col. McReady. This was true, since Whiskey Canyon is known as a hiding place for renegades and bandits. The place is full of hiding spots and many labyrinths. A chase or search is proved to be difficult and dangerous. But Col. McReady instructed his men and other law enforcer to keep on going. He decided not to let Colty get away with all of his bad deeds after this one. He told his men to spread out to cover wide area of search, he knew that his idea carries a risk but he never thought much that Colty would prefer to set up an ambush than to escape. The spread out law enforcers were outgunned, several bounty hunters and deputies were killed here. The Colonel’s mistake really demoralized the law enforcers, though they’re still loyal to his cause.

Quincey ‘The Spider’ Whitmore

The Colonel still kept on chasing Colty through Buzzard Point, a more friendly place for the lawmen but still a dangerous pursuit. This time, the Colonel took safe approach on the chase and it proved in good result. Quincey ‘The Spider’ Whitmore managed to shot Lenny Mason and put down Bullet (Colty’s favorite dog) for good. First Deputy Charlie Weathers also took down Sir Marmaduke Poncenby Smith (the one and only black in the gang). They tried good and hard but not good enough to slow down the Outlaw from escaping. Before crossing Buzzard Point, Colty sacrificed Harry ‘Boxcars’ Houndy to escape the Colonel’s trap in the border, one more bandit was down.

Colty’s gang arrived at Rattlesnake Creek, they’re exhausted and their morale was in a bad shape, but Colty seemed still determined. Whatever that is, they need to rest, so they set a ground in the vicinity and took some breaths. The place is a deserted small town with several locals still living and not a good stand for them, but they need to take the risk. The Colonel arrived several minutes later and realized that the gang was still hiding in some building somewhere. After quick check of the perimeter, both sides started to shoot each other, this time Kittens MacKenzie was shot three times. A Deputy took down Poppy McReady when she tried to shoot another law enforcer. Down she went from the top of the building. The Colonel did not shed any tear but everyone knows that her death put a big black hole in his heart. Colty was furious but he couldn’t do shit, he himself was surrounded by hail of bullets. Manolito took a bullet for Colty in the chest and he died in Colty’s hand. Colty’s anger and grief were unbearable and though as much as he wanted revenge, he knew that the only way to survive and save the rest of his gang, he must moved on to catch the 3.15 Express.

The Last Effort

The Colonel refused to look upon his dead daughter even for a second and insisting to chase down the man who led this to happen. He instructed his men to aboard the already moving train in a blitz and left behind the body of Poppy McReady with the rest of his men. His ultimate goal was right in front of his eyes and he cannot afford to let it go away this time. Josie ‘Dead Eye’ Logan was the first one aboard and took quick action to shoot down Josie Newcombe in a direct shootout. A bounty hunter killed Bruno and Missy Jameson on top of the train. They fell out of the train and must have died instantly when hit the ground.  Skinny Landell put a good resistance but got shot on his shoulder by one of the Deputies. The Colonel managed put a bullet to Cortez but that did not bring him down, it’s only a graze. Skinny took another bullet, this time on his chest and he was down. The train crossed the border before the law enforcers managed to take down all the gangs, they failed. The Colty’s gang survived, barely. Only 3 bandits still alive and managed to get out of the train. The Colonel lost track of Colty and his pursuit was in vain and his daughter was dead.

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“He Should Have Died By Now!”

Rune Age Session – (Ascent of The Overlord Scenario) from Oath and Anvil Expansion

Ascent of The Overlord Scenario

Last weekend (Saturday to be exact) we played the new scenario (Ascent of The Overlord) of the new expansion, Oath and Anvil. I was curious and ecstatic about this one, since it offers different taste of the game play beside the other scenarios. In this scenario the game plays with 1 vs many system. The scenario resembles Descent game play, in which 1 players will be randomly selected as the Overlord while others played as the heroes. So with 4 players on the game, the Overlord will fight against 3 other players / factions. And it turned out to be outstanding session and very entertaining. Here is the full report of the session.

Saturday, November 10th, 2012; 13.30 – 15.00
Willys’ Place
Game : Rune Age (Ascent of The Overlord Scenario)

1. Me (Waiqar The Undying)
2. Mpruel (Uthuk Yllan)
3. Willys (Daqan Lords)
4. Jeffry (Orcs of The Brokenplains) –> The Overlord
Neutral Cards: Shadow Rune, Giant and Reprieve
Mercenary Cards: Seer, Flesh Moulder and Chaos Beast
Neutral Cities: Nerekhall, Tamalir, Frostgate, Downsmoor and Greyhaven

I own the game and between the four of us Mpruel and Me is the most experienced players with the game, while Willys and Jeffry Jeffry started as the first player since he’s the Overlord. Like everybody else, his first turn was recruiting the cheapest unit (in his case it’s Ravager) and secure one of his Stronghold. And we all did, followed by Willys by his Foot Soldiers and me with Reanimates, and also Mpruel with Berserker and Flesh Ripper.

The First Event Card drawn was Diversionary Force, which stated that during next round no allied players can conduct siege to the Overlord’s home realm (who wants to lay siege in the ealry turns anyway? Even if there is anyone, can his unit support the siege?). So Jeffry tried to get another unit from his barrack. Spiritspeaker this time and secured one of the neutral cities. Willys also tried to take the neutral cities but resulted in vain. I did manage to secure one city (Frostgate) with +2 influence and also recruited a Vampire unit (Oh one of my favorites). Mpruel also secured a neutral city and recruited a Blood Sister unit.

The next Event Card drawn was Besieging Horde, which deal 2 damages to allied player’s home realms at the start of each event phase. This was threatening, but none of us can handle it right now. So, Jeffry tried to build his army with Leonx Rider and purchased a Shadow Rune Card (deal 1 damage to other players). Willys purchased the Foot Soldier and Novice Wizard units. I took purchase the Giant unit and another Vampire and Stronghold. Mpruel secured another Stronghold and get the Flesh Ripper and Berserker. She purchased Chaos Beast unit.

The next Event Phase, each allied player got 2 damages because of the Besieging Horde effect. The next Event Card drawn was The Scavengers, which act as a Reward for the Overlord. This Reward gives the Overlord the benefit to secure one of his unit into discard pile instead of destoying it in combat once per turn. Willys attacked the Overlord to secure one of his controlled city and this time he did it (Did not know for sure if the Overlord was had mercy on him or not). I decided to attack the Besieging Horde to stop the damages it causes each turn, I rolled the attrition die and had to sacrifice two of my Reanimates, but still managed to defeat the enemy (8 Strength). Mrpuel purchased another Chaos Beast during her turn.

The next Event card is Treasure Hoard, which gave the Overlord 3 gold coins or 2 Influences to spend each turn, which opened his option to purchase Shadow Rune with 6 Influence cost. Willys purchased the Seer mercenary card and a Knight unit. My turn, I decided to attack the Overlord’s home realm. Apparently my attack resulted in a success with 5 damages to the Overlord’s home realm. Threat was coming in the Overlord’s doorstep. He’s greeted by a Vampire. Mpruel was a bit passive, silently building her army with Blood Sisters.

At the next Event Phase, The Guardian was drawn. This enemy prevent the Overlord to be attacked by more than one player in each round. It’s not a critical situation and we decided not to take it seriously at the moment. The Overlord purchased another Shadow Rune with his overflowing Influence Points. Willys purchased another Seer, since it’s quite useful to filter the Overlord’s draw pile. I also purchased a Chaos Beast and rearmed my Reanimates and another Vampire. Mpruel purchased another unit from her barrack.

Next Event Card drawn was Secure The Perimeter which each allied player must decide to deal 3 damages to his/her home realm or skip his/her turn next round. We all decided to take the damages, who wanted to skip a round anyway? In his turn, the Overlord launched his evil scheme by playing the Shadow Rune card, to deal damage to each allied player’s home realm. Willys tried to deal with the Guardian, which he failed to do so. I decided to attack the Overlord’s controlled city but did not succeed but I never thought I would win the attack anyway, I just wanted to use the Vampire ability, to make sure my deck for the next round. Then I purchased 2 Seer cards.

In the next Event Phase, the Event Card drawn was The Quagmire, which is prohibited the allied players to replenish their hands until the end of the Event Phase in the next round. In this round, the Overlord attacked Mpruel and deal a very impressive damage (12 damages) to her home realm. What a shock, bad timing for her. Willys kept using Seer cards against the Overlord. And I decided to get 2 Reprieve Cards and played a Giant card as an action to give it as a Reward for Mpruel. Mpruel did not have enough card in her hand to do much.

The next Event Card drawn was Nefarious Scheme, which let the Overlord draw extra cards based on the number of the remaining allied players. During this turn the Overlord decided to attack me (despite the fact that he could attack Mpruel which currently had 16 damages in her home realm). His effort was fruitless, I could resist the attack. Willys tried another shot to fight the Guardian but again his effort was no good. I decided to purchase 3 value gold coin and purchased some Reanimates. This time Mpruel played her revenge against the Overlord and apparently the situation was not good for the Overlord, for his units were not powerful enough to fight 2 Chaos Beast, 1 wounded Berserker and Blood Sister. The damage was also massive, 13 damages to be exact which count up the damage total with 18 damages. The Overlord was dying.

The next Event Card was God Ascendant, which was an enemy that gives the Overlord the benefit to draw 6 cards each time he replenish his hand while this enemy is still alive. So, the Overlord attacked Mpruel and managed to defeat her. One allied player was down. Willys played the Seer twice but he couldn’t lay an attack to the Overlord’s home realm. I only managed to get 1 damage to the Overlord home realm (to bad just one more and he’s done!).

The next Event Card drawn was An Eye For An Eye, which stated if an allied player lay a siege upon the Overlord home realm he must take 3 damage to his home realm. The Overlord managed to buy 2 of his Mythic Units. Willys succesfully managed to get rid one of the Overlord’s Mythic unit from the draw deck with Seer card. I decided to attack which was failed and received 3 damages.

The next Event Card drawn was Renegade Oracle, an enemy that provides access for the Overlord to look into one of the allied player’s hand. He looked upon Willys’ hand. Then he decided to attack him. Willys was lost and received many damages. During my turn I bought a 3 valued gold coin and a Dark Knight unit. The last round was unclear but one thing for sure, the rest of the allied players were obliterated and the Overlord (Jeffry) was victorious with 19 damages on his home realm. A critical situation and He managed to survived and destroyed all of us.

The session was intense and full of suspense and actions. We enjoyed it a lot and had a great experience. The critical mistake for allied players was Mpruel mistake when attacking the Overlord. The combination of her units was not the most effective one. She should have deal another 2 damages with the perfect combination and He (the Overlord) should have been dead earlier.
Well Done Jeffry!

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Night of Chaos!

Illegal Session – Wednesday, 12th September 2012

Chaos In The Old World

Chaos In The Old World

Without further ado, it’s one of a chaos night when we held illegal session of Chaos in The Old World. I lead the game to teach 2 new players, Yongkie & Ivan. Willys was the other player, who had played the game couple of times. So, the rules explanation was done around 30 minutes give or take. I played as Nurgle, Willys as Khorne, Ivan as Tzeentch and Yongkie as Slaneesh.

So let us get down to it. The first chaos card made the peasant tokens placed in each region and they counted toward the resistance value of the region. Khorne moved first to summon one of his Bloodsworn in Tilea after analyzing the Old World tokens position. I guessed with empty board, he just tried to take the most flexible position. Then Nurgle (me) started the invasion of my Lepers away far from Khorne in Kislev (populous region) followed by Tzeentch with one of his Acolytes, since there’s a Warpstone presence. Slaneesh was the one that summoned his Seductress in the corner of the map, on The Badlands. This really lured Khorne to join the party, he summoned his Bloodletter there to break the first battle. But, after I (Nurgle) summoned another Lepers in Kislev, Tzeentch conflict in demand really made the game more interesting (though I wasn’t sure the benefit for him) by summoned a Horror to deal with my Leper. So after readying for the battle, we started the first battles. Khorne did really well in put Slaneesh’s Seductresses out of the game. The battle in Kislev did not end up eventful since both sides produced no hit. So, after all sides counting domination and placing corruption tokens, we advanced the dial. Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle advance 1 step, while Slaneesh did not.

After Bretonnia Ruined!

Next round, Nurgle and Tzeentch continued with their conflict over Kislev and Tzeentch expanded his reach to next region of Troll Country, which also had a Warpstone. Slaneesh found himself cornered and need to get into better ground by crossing The Border Prince Region into The Empire. This move, provided Khorne an interesting option but he still focusing his battle driven mind toward The Badlands (which still had 1 Seductress left). So, in answer to this condition, I decided to join Slaneesh in the corruption party at The Empire, which of course I (accidentally or incidentally) taunted Khorne to live up the party. And yes, he did come to bring blood into The Empire. After several round, the regions were filled with Old World tokens like Nobles and Heroes. Several regions were corrupted near ruination (Kislev, The Empire and Bretonnia also Troll Country). Khorne was trying really hard to postpone the ruination of The Empire. Bretonnia ruined first, followed by Kislev. Me and Slaneesh were the majority players who corrupted these 2 regions.

When Kislev Ruined!

In later rounds, most players had already have upgrade cards. I had Plaguebearer upgrade card, which allowed them to inflict 1 hit to any figure when killed, and also additional chaos power. Khorne had his Bloodsworns upgrade which let them roll and resolve the battle dice first in each battle and also his Bloodletters can join the battle. Slaneesh in the other hand, upgrade his Keeper of Secret and his seductresses had better defense. In The Empire, I played The Final Rotting card which led me to kill each warrior / cultist for each Nurgle corruption token available in the region at the end of the battle phase, too bad that time I was only managed to kill 2 out of possible 5 tokens. I could place another Final Rotting card at Tilea but Khorne filled the slot before I could done so, which if I could, the damage would be more chaotic. The last round, happened precisely when the last old world deck was drawn, the game ended when there were 5 regions ruined. Following Brettonia and Kislev, Troll Country, The Empire and Tile were ruined. Mostly because Slaneesh and Nurgle. But, of course this really boosted up Slaneesh points (though he was already in front at that moment) even he got ruination points from secondary place. I was on majority in Tilea and The Empire but could not got nearer to Slaneesh, and followed by Khorne and Tzeentch in the back, respectively.

Ivan / Tzeentch (left) and Willys / Khorne (right)

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First Time BSD Meetup

BSD Meetup – Rumah Betawi, Sunday 9th September 2012

So, I planned this several days back, to join the meetup session held by some of the forum members live around the place. I think it’s the farthest meetup I ever attended. So, I went to the meetup driving my car with a friend in a convoy of 3 cars.We left Jakarta at 11.30 and arrived at the vicinity at 13.00 after taking a detour around the street (D’oh!). We were the first one to arrived, the local boys haven’t showed up yet.

So, after ordering food and drinks, we started the meetup with easy ones, Eminent Domain with 4 players and Felix, Cat in The Sack with 4 Players. Few notes on Eminent Domain, the players are Me, Yongkie, Willys and a new guy (I forget his name). I explained the rules to the players for about 15 minutes and we were ready to go.
Eminent Domain is a game that I like but mostly I never played it well before. I always ended up last. But I said “Not Today!”. I played several survey role and gain couple of Fertile Planets along with Advanced and Prestige planets along the way. I chose to colonize than conquest planets and tried to get into producing resources as fast as I can.  The new guy kinda moved slow, since he was too focusing on survey roles. I was the first one to produce resource and gain the first technology card. My objective was to gain several planets that producing several types of goods and research technology card that give +1 influence point for each different type of resources traded. But I made a mistake to judge the planet types, since in order to do that I need 2 Advance planets instead of 1 not 2 Fertile planets. So, it’s kinda bit late to go back to acquire another Advance planet and I decided to get a technology card that gives +1 influence per resource type produced. Willys started to wage war against his planets and this really placed him as the warmonger player in the game. Yongkie also had established quite good planets to produce resources after the colonize role stack was depleted. Time was running out and I need to get my readied resources traded soon, and luckily when Yongkie’s turn triggered the end game (playing Warfare role which depleted the stack) I was able to do one final turn to trade my goods for 3 influences. I won the game with 17 points (12 points from planets plus 2 points from technology and 3 points from the goods), followed by Willys with 12 points, Yongkie came up third and the new guy end up last with only 4 points.

While playing Eminent Domain, the local boys showed up, it’s Tommy and followed by James and his girl and also Ivan. They started Tournay session with 3 players. After the game, we decided to break the group into 2 groups with 9 players of The Resistance and 4 Players of Trajan. I lead the Trajan session, while Ali lead The Resistance. During the Trajan session, I had to explain the rules again to Yongkie and Ivan, since they’re new to the game. It’s been a rough day since my throat was quite sore at the moment. So, I drew 1 VP / worker bonus tile, this mainly set a goal for me. The game was tense and very AP, but it’s pretty much slow than the normal, since most players often took 1 or 2 actions per turn. Once, Willys took 10 actions in a single turn, very devastating effect but fortunately the timing was not perfect to cut other players move. Willys focused on the Seaport action from the mid-game, accumulated very distinctive result on his personal display compared to other players, got 27 points in total just from the bonus tiles on cards. Combined with the bonus tiles, he was the most feared in points by us. Yongkie in the other hand, played pretty good in point track with shipping commodities, 3 different pairs, which boost him up front. Plus he always meet the people’s demands. Ivan took a pretty good amount of points from military actions. I managed to get 7 of my workers on the building, which brought me 30 points in total and also 23 points from 3 times scoring in the provinces. I finished first with 120 points followed right behind by Yongkie with 106 points. Ivan finished in third position around 90 points with 3 points different from Willys in the last place.

Trajan Session – 4 Players Mid Game

Next, while others were playing Alien Frontiers we decided to play 5 player games with Ali as the fifth player. So, First Sparks rose to our mind and we borrowed it from Tommy. And again I had to explain the rules (this is the third time) to Ali since he never play it before. So, grumbled with a sore throat I explained the rules in a blitz and play the game. The initial placement led my clan member surrounded by other players in the middle and expanded the clan into two members in the beginning, just like the others. Though, my position placed me in the last place of the player order. Thus give me the advantage in buying technology card. Things never been easy for me every time I played this game, it was hard to win the game and I often finished last. My ordinary strategy was to control you clan size during the game, since having huge clan size automatically put you in the first place of the turn order (move last in most phases except buying new technology card). So, unfortunately Ivan and Willys just acquired the two Fire technology available in the game. So we expand our clans pretty much slow and Willys had the opportunity to end the game, but we managed to block him out to prolonged the game for another round. That round I managed to get into 12 clan size put me leading temporarily, but  the next round I was barely able to place only one clan member (only with 4 food). Ivan was out of the game since in the last round his clan member was still 7 and the maximum expand was limited to 5 members. So, the gripping battle begun, between Willys and the others, since he posed most serious threat to other players. We kept him contained in previous round, but in the last round 4 players were managed to get into 13 clan members. Ali was the first one who triggered the end game and others followed him to up to 13 clan members. Only Ivan who couldn’t managed to get into 13. So, the tie breaker placed Yongkie in the first place, Me, Ali and Willys behind it and Ivan in the last place. A very tight game with full open table talk. I was lucky to finished in second place.

Battle Ground!

Just in time after First Sparks was ended, it’s already 20.00 PM and I decided to call it a day. So, we say good bye to our fellow gamers (Tommy, James and his girlfriend) which were still playing Felix Cat in The Sack. It’s a very good experience, nice place despite the hot temperature, windy and dusty.

Owner of the game (Daniel Mulia) explaining Alien Frontiers to other players

Photos are courtesy of Ali Tan

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Quick Session Report : Eclipse – A Peaceful Galaxy

Quick Session Report : 2 Players Game of Eclipse (B’Steak Green Ville, August 5th, 2012)

A Peaceful Galaxy

Play it complete for the first time with 2 players (Terran Union / Red and Terran Federation / White).

Terran Federation / White (me) acted first, explored the middle sector hex and inner sector hex in the first 2 turns. The same thing with Terran Union / Red (My girlfriend, who will be mentioned as Mpruel for the rest of the post), she explored 2 hexes and we both used our Colony Ships to populate the hexes. Another explored actions led us to confront Ancient Ships in new revealed hexes. For this reason, most of my next actions were Researches and Upgrades to modify my military aspect (ship customization). I researched Improved Hull first, and then followed with Fusion Source for more energy supply on the ships. To support my mobilization and upgrade utilization of the ships’ blue prints, I researched Advanced Economy and Labs then added a Plasma Cannon technology. While I was having mass progress on the military and grid lines technology, Mpruel had indulged the wealthy and prosperous way from Orbital technology research by building many Orbitals. This led her to control a large amount of money each round. Her Money track was completely opened from round 6 which gave her advantage on structural productions and technology researches. In the other hand, my lack of money condition has rendered me to early passes in several turns.

First 2 Players Complete Game

Left in such struggling condition, I was managed to dispatch a small squadron of Cruisers and Interceptors all out to take down one of the Ancients inhabited neighboring sector. The first assault was in vain and I lost one Interceptor, but managed to strike back by the hurling Plasma Cannon of my Cruisers, sector secured and discovered an Ancient ship (a +3 Computer). My next target was The Galactic Center, but I was not confident enough to launch an immediate attack, but directed the attack to another Ancient ship on different sector recently explored. It proved to be easy task for my squadron and discovered another Ancient ship part (-3 Shield) in the wreckage. Installed the newly achieved Shield to my Cruiser’s blue print and was ready to face the GCDS. Meanwhile, Mpruel had managed to destroy an Ancient with her Cruisers and Interceptors and gain a boost in the money track. She researched the Monolith and managed to built 2 Monoliths in her Home System’s backyard. Then she built a Starbase in her sector that neighbored with the Galactic Center since I made a movement to the Galactic Center. Tense was brewing and the possibility of friction was fluctuated. She felt need to secure her front yard.

Confront the Ancient!

The grandiose battle on the Galactic Center was begun. Equipped with such devastating Plasma Cannon, Ancient Computer & Shield technology, Fusion Source energy with Improved Hull, I realized that the result was eminent, only out of luck of the dice would say the opposite. My squadron needed to inflict 8 hits to bring down the GCDS and it completed in 3 rounds with no casualty (just 2 damaged on one of my Cruisers). This victory assured me boost on the Population tracks. Next target was the neighboring sector that also has an Ancient and to secure the Galactic Center from the possibility of an invasion, I deployed 2 Dreadnoughts and left an Interceptor in it. Then I moved my Cruisers into another sector to confront the Ancient ship. Mpruel also decided to make an aggressive move by assaulting a sector with 2 Ancient Ships. She managed to grab the victory without any casualty.

Against The Galactic Center Defense System

My next battle was won easily. The Ancient never had the chance against my Ancient equipped Cruisers. My next research action was Artifact key since I control 4 Artifacts on my hexes and gained 20 Science resources. Then in the last rounds I focused on the research actions of the Grid technology and filled all the Grid slots in the technology track to gain bonus VP with Quantum Grid, Positron Computer, Gauss Shield and Tachyon Drive Technology.

Observing the available Technology tiles

I won the game with 19 points from controlled hexes, 10 points from Reputation tiles, 6 points from Discovery tiles and 5 points from Grid technology track bonus (40 points total). While Mpruel managed to get 14 points from controlled hexes, 6 points from Monoliths, 3 Points from Military technology, 4 points from Discovery and 7 points Reputation tiles (34 points total). It was a great game, only minor misinterpretation of the rules (the timing of Colony Ship tiles usage and Initiatives order on the battle course). No battle or conflict between players in our first game, maybe because we (or at least me) saw possible conflict not as efficient as other actions. More playing experiences and number of players would definitely shed some lights.

End Game White’s Player Board

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And Dorn Greeted Us With Woe And Despair

Dorn Session in Report

The date was 27th May 2012, it was Sunday though, the day was black and dark like any other day before it

The smile before the doom!

Grief was all over the place, the Dark Lord has found his way to spread the darkness…
This mean, our fellow adventurers have failed their quest.
The last news heard about them, though vague, had been a nightmare to remember… It was become a legend, a myth that others dread not to imagine or talk about it. From the tales, all adventurers were perished, devoured by the Dark Lord power, except one… Almanor, The Mage, was not dead (if the news was true). He was lost in the darkness, some people said he was captured, imprisoned by the Dark Lord for eternity, or even kept as slave. But some said, he was fallen into the dark side and become another minions of mindless monster himself. But, whatever it is, the Village of Argos was doomed.


But then again, this grief tale is always interesting for travelers, for strangers and even children. They just seemed to take it as a tales, and their fear are just like flickers of flame, for not knowing the real and facing the Dark Lord himself. So, here it is, the tales that set Argon into the abyss of darkness…

The Dark Lord has grown powerful and Argos was in the edge of His grasp. Argos villagers decided to get help from adventurers that came to their village. So, 5 adventurers set up to the task and they traveled to Dorn, a dark and malicious place of the Dark Lord. The band of adventurers were, Almanor The Mage, Kaedrak The Paladin, Cedrik The Druid, Zohra and Ragnar. The 5 of them entered Dorn with their own quests but the same objective, to save Argos from the Dark Lord’s evil plan. They decided to form 2 groups and searched the place in different direction. Kaerdrak, Almanor and Zohra went into the Black Moor Marshes and Ragnar and Cedrik into the mines. Though it’s good progress for Zohra’s party in the marshes, Zohra ventured too deep into the marshes leaving her friends far in the back. She was ambushed by skeleton and bog beasts. She was dead by the time Kaerdrak and Almanor were able to arrived. One adventurer was down.

The Downfall of Zohra… accompanied by the laughter of the Dorn Keeper

The rest of the adventurers (Kaerdrak and Almanor) couldn’t save her but revenge was done in swift by Almanor’s Fireball. Time was running out for them, for bog beasts were swarming the place, they decided to go back to the first place they entered the place, the safe path. Meanwhile, Ragnar were able to enter a portal that sent them to the deeper place of the palace. Ragnar got an artifact, a magical Axe that gave power to the wielder. Cedrik followed in the back. But, on the way back Ragnar was intercepted by a skeleton and a Demon (the horned fiend), he was cornered but Kaerdrak came to give help. The three of them were able to survive the ambushed, though they paid it dearly.
Almanor was still in the mines, hunting treasure and he leveled up from his acquired experience. He then found a treasure that led him onto a portal that sent him to another place. The other side of the palace, and achieve an artifact, The Morhen’s Blade, which was powerful during the day.
Ragnar and Cedrik were not safe yet, their ambushers were still on their tail and alas, they got cornered again and this time, they paid it with their lives. Ragnar was the first one to go down and Cedrik was alone, Kaerdrak couldn’t help him, for there was a demon between him and Cedrik. Cedrik was down, Kaerdrak had to flee and find a safe place for the moment. Critical time for them.
Almanor was lost, he tried every dark corner and yet, he couldn’t managed to regroup with his friends. He was forced to use his blessing and teleport into Kaerdrak’s place. The last hope of Argos was on their shoulders, which got heavier by the minutes. Kaerdrak was healed by Almanor’s greater healing potion.
Almanor got another artifact, which gave him the Ring of Morhen. Kaerdrak covered him from the back where A mummy, bog beast and a skull were appeared. He was paralyzed by the mummy’s attack and took several hits. Almanor came to the rescue and sent those monsters back to the darkness with his Fireball and Magic Missile. He gained another level from his experience.

Almanor’s Character Sheet – Lv. 2, soon to be Lv. 3

Kaerdrak was pinned down by another wave of monsters, a demon killed him. Now Almanor was getting desperate, the demon was immune to his magical attack. He was cornered, he cannot defeat the Demon, but in the last critical minutes, he found a way, he remembered his artifact, while he sees the glittering sunlight, he found a way to deal damage to that demon. He confronted it and the demon take hit him. Oh yes, he was hurt but the Morhen’s blade also deflect the attack to the Demon itself. The demon was wounded. But night came too early, and he realized that his chance was expired, so he fled..tried to survive as long as he can… but despair showed no mercy, the time was end…
Zorkal, The Dark Lord, had successfully completed the Dark Ritual… and Argos fell into the darkness!

The Blood Stones

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Betrayal On Mecatol Rex

Session Report Twilight Imperium REX: Final Days of An Empire

Regular Meetup at B’Steak Green Ville, Friday April 13th, 2012 (6 Players Game)

Players (starting from the first player in order)

1. Madi – Emirates of Hacan

2. Willys – Barony of Letnev

3. Robert – Xxcha Kingdom

4. Chris – Lazax Empire

5. Daniel – Federation of Sol

6. Kris – Jol-Nar

During the first round, there wasn’t much happen. The Sol’s Dreadnought Fleet started at sector 1. Everyone didn’t have any target at the beginning but hunting influences. At the 2nd Round (Sol’s Dreadnought Fleet moved onto sector 4) Letnev and Sol hunting for influences. Jol-Nar didn’t move from the stronghold. Lazax generated many influences from the bidding phase, while Xxcha gained full free units in Galactic Council from others deployment. At the start of round 3, battles erupted among Lazax, Letnev, Hacan, Sol and Jol-Nar. Xxcha still maintained peace as long as he can. But Jol-Nar made it to sabotage Sol’s fleet and moved it 10 sectors forward. This resulted massive destruction in the fleet’s path, destroying all Lazax, Hacan and Xxcha units (more than 20 units in total) on Scholara Imperialis and Hall of Records. Nice reward for Jol-Nar.

At the fourth round, temporary ceasefire was occurred. 2 Alliances were made between Hacan, Letnev, Jol-Nar and Sol, Lazax, Xxcha. At this round the target of the game became more clearer. The Hacan, Letnev and Jol-Nar alliance controlled 3 strongholds while The Sol, Lazax and Xxcha alliance control 2 strongholds. But that was change in the next round. The Lazax, Sol and Xxcha alliance rapidly mobilized and deployed all their units onto the board. Their advantage of influences really gave them benefit against the other alliance, which short in influences. The condition was change drastically, The Sol, Lazax and Xxcha alliance control 4 strongholds, they need to control another one to win the game.

During the sixth round, they’re able control the other stronghold but lost a stronghold (imperial space navy) from Jol-Nar. At this point the end game possibilities rose to the occasion. The Hacan, Letnev and Jol-Nar alliance was having hard reality to win the game with alliance victory condition. They need to prolong the game into end and make sure that Sol’s special victory condition is not meet. Jol-Nar reaching the 10 influence from a location, to support his plan next round. During this round The Sol, Lazax and Xxcha alliance had ran out of influences and their hands of strategy cards were near at it’s limit. Now this decisive time brought advantages to the Hacan, Letnev and Jol-Nar alliance.At the bidding phase, the Hacan, Letnev and Jol-Nar alliance won several strategy cards with low prices. Even Jol-Nar acquired 2 fresh recruit cards in a row with the price of 1 influence each. That was a great deal and opened up chance for Jol-Nar in the recruitment and maneuver phases. With 2 cards of Fresh Recruits, Jol-Nar was able to recruit 10 free units from the game and deploy units to Imperial Navy Base, in order to reclaim the stronghold from Xxcha control.

At seventh round, the fleet was in favor to the Hacan, Letnev and Xxcha alliance, by moving into Mecatol Power South (which controlled by Hacan). This made the stronghold safe from other players attack. This round the Sol, Lazax and Xxcha alliance cannot win the game. They need to try it again in the next round. At the last round the fleet moved into sector 18, blocked the access on the Imperial Space Navy, which also restrained the Sol, Lazax and Xxcha alliance victory (again the fleet was in favor to the Hacan, Letnev and Jol-Nar alliance).

They started to think another way of victory, which was by Sol’s special victory condition (having Sol or no other player control Mecatol Power South and Imperial Palace).This was proven difficult, since Sol’s unit is on the other side of the board (Civilian Spaceport) and there was the fleet barred the road to the Imperial Palace. But, alas they found a way to made the plan work, at least they thought it would. Lazax moved all his units from Imperial Palace into Mecatol Power South (head to head with 2 Hacan units). And Sol played rapid mobilization to move all but one his units from Civilian Spaceport 8 spaces into Imperial Palace. With this move, they can win the game if during the battle for Mecatol Power South, Lazax sacrifice all his units which would resulted in no one control that stronghold.

But for whatever reason, they’re not supposed to win the game, after Sol’s turn, Jol-Nar, moved 4 units from Cultural Sector to Civilian Spaceport and deployed 4 units to it. This gave the condition 8 to 1 against Sol. While Hacan made a critical move which threw Lazax down. Hacan moved 2 of his unit out of Mecatol Power South, he evaded the battle, which broke Lazax plan to sacrifice all his unit.

The battle resolved, though with 8 units against 1, Jol-Nar could not won the battle, since Jol-Nar was unable to play Atmospheric Ionizer (because Xxcha ally advantage). The Hacan, Letnev and Jol-Nar Alliance won the game because the game end and no other players and Sol had won the game. But, Hacan was treacherous, he betrayed the alliance by revealing the Betrayal Cards (number 2, with having the least units in the casualty pool). Hacan won the game over Letnev and Jol-Nar whose did not realize Hacan’s evil and treacherous plan.

If Jol Nar had won the last battle on Civilian Spaceport, Jol-Nar would be able to override the Hacan treachery with level 7 betrayal cards. Jol-Nar, made a wrong move, he forgot that he had a spaceport, which gave his units the ability to move up to 4 spaces that round. For that reason he could recruit 1 more units and the result of the battle would be different. Great game nevertheless, tense and full of intrigues.

Game in Progress

image courtesy of Willys Octavianus a.k.a Camolatte

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