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The Convention Man

Yesterday a friend of mine said the title above. It’s a foreign word and I was hardly understand him at first, though in the end I think I get what He meant by it. We were talking about playing board games while we’re in a board game event. The topic of the discussion was about our time to play games within the event, as we tried our best to play as many games as we can during the event. Sadly we usually not satisfied with the result, we still think our plays are lacking. Need to play more, and more and more, but there’s so little time. What’s the difference between playing in an event and playing in a private group? Well, one thing for sure is the privacy. What I mean with privacy here is that in private group you can focus to the game 1000%, no hindrance, no distraction and other things. While in an event or convention sometimes people come and go, we meet some people have a little chat here and there, need to do some errands for a second or two, loud and noisy, hard to focus, playing with the staff or something else.


Time is the constraint, which we cannot do time travel in reality.

So in that time, we had a set back in play time because there were several things got in the way of our session and the game that should last 2-3 hrs, tool 5 hrs to finish. That practically almost a day, or half. So when talking about this issue, my friend mentioned that we are no longer a convention man. Funny, it sounds that way at first, as well as cool at the same time. When I think it over again, it is true, that we (my friend and I and maybe some of you guys) are no longer them convention men. Who have time to play all day, play freely and there’s nothing in the way. Sadly we are becoming men that need to make schedule to any of our plan or action. Who need to prioritize what to do or get gaming as a privilege. We now put more variables in our gaming life, such as family, couple, work, job, relax, rest and other things. Which in fact could sink gaming to the bottom of our ocean.


Go for a whole day!

Funny as it was, in the past we can spend the entire full day playing in a gathering event or play day with no worry through anything. We can sit there on the table for hours, not eating even we’re hungry. We play non-stop without breaks between heavy games. That’s us, convention men.

Hence we’re not really suitable to get what we want in conventions, but we should be more satisfied with private group gaming session. There we can maximize our playing time to the fullest. But of course the vibe, the ambiance of a convention is not something that can be replaced and it is truly one of a kind. So I hope not just me, but all of us can still do both.


Teaching board games is always something I look forward to.

Time to play!

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Back From the Dead in Tabletop Day


Holla, I am back, writing. It’s been what, months since my last post? Dunno for sure but, here I am with another post (not sure there’s someone really anticipating my post or even read it like a big of a deal. So what happened in the past few months? Well many or not many, but one thing for sure I am (and we are) celebrating International Tabletop Day (Sat, 29th April 2017), which is a topic worth my fingers numbing. So how’s your Tabletop day? Playing and celebrating with some friends? Mine wasn’t heavy into gaming, just stay home with my wife and luckily our friends came over from out of town and we did play some games, good ones.


The Name of The Rose to celebrate International Tabletop Day

Lately I’ve been resting with the usual gaming sessions, and instead taking the fast non-stop train of Gloomhaven campaign. Do you know it? It’s on Kickstarter right now for it’s second printing and it’s spectacularly on fire right now by surpassing 3 million dollars pledge level. Congrats Isaac Childres (it’s game designer), keep up the good work. In case some of you want to know more or back, there’s still time, just go ahead to the project page and find out yourself about the awesomeness of the game. Find the link here.


Its just unusual to me to put hold all the gaming sessions and play this game in rows instead, well there’s always the first for everything. I played the campaign with my wife, each of us handle 2 characters. It’s been a joyride, we love it, we cannot wait to find out what scenario we will take and what it has in store for us. Though I might say that the game took hours to play and we consumed our nights just like seconds burned through our delighted and enthusiastic characters. I think it’s safe to say that we are addicted to this game right now, which is completely amazing feat, since my wife is known to be not really a fan of this kind of games, and I also do not have history and experience in such games. But hey, whatever makes us happy is worth our time. And I will be doing another write (review) about this specific game in the next post but I still stand at zero. Hope things can be smooth and I can start writing them to the upcoming post.


Starting the Campaign

So let’s take a loot (oh, I mean “look”) at another general matter. I also starting to introduce heavier meatier game to my gaming group at office, they’re complete noobs and to be honest this is something that kinda risky, but I can always tune it down when I think it’s necessary. From Camel Up to Takenoko, Codenames to La Isla, Parade to Potion Explosions and Grand Slam to 7 Wonders. And they seemed fine with it, a good sign. So let’s just wait how the ordeal goes in the next future. Hope to bring more meat after this. Maybe The Name of The Rose, El Gaucho or even The Castles of Burgundy.


Also I just came back from our seventh gaming camp couple’s week back. It’s fun, though there’s just a few of us, but the spirit still the same, play games and have fun. We started up late and got many friends caught up with something can couldn’t join. It’s definitely our fault not to broadcast it sooner. We played a good deal of quality games, like The Colonists, Adrenaline, Anachrony, Kanban, Food Chain Magnate and such. This year was different because we changed the days, from Saturday to Monday, to avoid the post holiday rush on our way back, so we can actually relax and save time in the trip home. This was very good and everyone agree with the idea, and that surely will be implemented in the subsequent annual camps.


The 7th IBG Gaming Camp, 2017

Here are some event photos you can check out.

Still strong on the gaming camp hype, our team sat down to talk some ambitious project regarding convention, first big convention for our community, to help gamers get to together and play games as well as to keep our community alive well and strong. Though we have some problems and limitations, we did have a good discussion and planned to get something going whatever it is. So all we have to do first is to pull some strings. Let’s hope there’s something good and big come out from it. Crossing fingers.

Apparently Roxley games launched it’s rework of Brass in 17th April and this was something I highly anticipated since a long long time ago. Goodbye EGG version, it’s a good decision not to get that version and waited long enough for such a masterpiece from the legend, Martin Wallace. So, a bit of a note, I dislike EGG business model and I do have personal vendetta against them due to my experience on backing The Gallerist which totally made up my mind not to back any games in KS from them. And the other thing was because the Brass ordeal. You sir, just make up into my shit list.
Okay so how’s the next Brass is going to be? So friggin’ awesome. I opened the KS page, check what they have to offer, read the pledge levels and “click” I backed the bundle pledge. Roxley has overdone it with this one, great revamp on the artworks, omitting the dull tone (though based on the theme, it seems reasonable but not expected) to a high contrast and beautiful art style from Mr. Cuddington, they’re so talented and they’ve made Brass into a work of art. And  not only Roxley revamps the game, they also create another version of Brass, with different game play and rules so in short, they make 2 games in this project, Brass Lancashire (the old and classic one with revamped art and streamlined rules) and Brass Birminghamp (same revamped art but different game play and rules). And guess what, Roxley even offers the bundle package with same cost shipping (USD 19 to Indonesia for both games, so sick cheap). I can’t wait for the games to arrive, though the custom fee for them will hurt my wallet.
Find the KS link here.


Ain’t this beautiful?

Let’s move on to another topic, with Gloomhaven on my play list, I kinda short list my acquisitions lately. Well can’t say lately since I just starting this month. But for what it’s worth, I usually posting my loot monthly, so each month I will take a group photo of my newly acquired games all in the same month, and then post it on my facebook or instagram. And for April, there is none! Yeaaay… isn’t that something? Though I must say that I cannot do the same in the next month, since right at this moment a friend of mine is hand carrying Cottage Garden from Netherlands, weee…. Okay it’s been something that we (my wife and I) have been looking for, cannot find it here. So I hope Gloomhaven will occupy my gaming time in the near future and keep my purchase into a tight belt, there are good and bad sides to that, sadly.


Time to go back into Gloomhaven

Okay, though it’s already 30th April and Tabletop day is passed, but not the spirit, we’re going to play some more and tomorrow I will attend a small event near my place held by my FLGS, Monopolis Wonder. Will demo one or two good heavy Euro games, hopefully things go smooth. In case you interested to join me, check here.
See ya and happy gaming!


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First Time BSD Meetup

BSD Meetup – Rumah Betawi, Sunday 9th September 2012

So, I planned this several days back, to join the meetup session held by some of the forum members live around the place. I think it’s the farthest meetup I ever attended. So, I went to the meetup driving my car with a friend in a convoy of 3 cars.We left Jakarta at 11.30 and arrived at the vicinity at 13.00 after taking a detour around the street (D’oh!). We were the first one to arrived, the local boys haven’t showed up yet.

So, after ordering food and drinks, we started the meetup with easy ones, Eminent Domain with 4 players and Felix, Cat in The Sack with 4 Players. Few notes on Eminent Domain, the players are Me, Yongkie, Willys and a new guy (I forget his name). I explained the rules to the players for about 15 minutes and we were ready to go.
Eminent Domain is a game that I like but mostly I never played it well before. I always ended up last. But I said “Not Today!”. I played several survey role and gain couple of Fertile Planets along with Advanced and Prestige planets along the way. I chose to colonize than conquest planets and tried to get into producing resources as fast as I can.  The new guy kinda moved slow, since he was too focusing on survey roles. I was the first one to produce resource and gain the first technology card. My objective was to gain several planets that producing several types of goods and research technology card that give +1 influence point for each different type of resources traded. But I made a mistake to judge the planet types, since in order to do that I need 2 Advance planets instead of 1 not 2 Fertile planets. So, it’s kinda bit late to go back to acquire another Advance planet and I decided to get a technology card that gives +1 influence per resource type produced. Willys started to wage war against his planets and this really placed him as the warmonger player in the game. Yongkie also had established quite good planets to produce resources after the colonize role stack was depleted. Time was running out and I need to get my readied resources traded soon, and luckily when Yongkie’s turn triggered the end game (playing Warfare role which depleted the stack) I was able to do one final turn to trade my goods for 3 influences. I won the game with 17 points (12 points from planets plus 2 points from technology and 3 points from the goods), followed by Willys with 12 points, Yongkie came up third and the new guy end up last with only 4 points.

While playing Eminent Domain, the local boys showed up, it’s Tommy and followed by James and his girl and also Ivan. They started Tournay session with 3 players. After the game, we decided to break the group into 2 groups with 9 players of The Resistance and 4 Players of Trajan. I lead the Trajan session, while Ali lead The Resistance. During the Trajan session, I had to explain the rules again to Yongkie and Ivan, since they’re new to the game. It’s been a rough day since my throat was quite sore at the moment. So, I drew 1 VP / worker bonus tile, this mainly set a goal for me. The game was tense and very AP, but it’s pretty much slow than the normal, since most players often took 1 or 2 actions per turn. Once, Willys took 10 actions in a single turn, very devastating effect but fortunately the timing was not perfect to cut other players move. Willys focused on the Seaport action from the mid-game, accumulated very distinctive result on his personal display compared to other players, got 27 points in total just from the bonus tiles on cards. Combined with the bonus tiles, he was the most feared in points by us. Yongkie in the other hand, played pretty good in point track with shipping commodities, 3 different pairs, which boost him up front. Plus he always meet the people’s demands. Ivan took a pretty good amount of points from military actions. I managed to get 7 of my workers on the building, which brought me 30 points in total and also 23 points from 3 times scoring in the provinces. I finished first with 120 points followed right behind by Yongkie with 106 points. Ivan finished in third position around 90 points with 3 points different from Willys in the last place.

Trajan Session – 4 Players Mid Game

Next, while others were playing Alien Frontiers we decided to play 5 player games with Ali as the fifth player. So, First Sparks rose to our mind and we borrowed it from Tommy. And again I had to explain the rules (this is the third time) to Ali since he never play it before. So, grumbled with a sore throat I explained the rules in a blitz and play the game. The initial placement led my clan member surrounded by other players in the middle and expanded the clan into two members in the beginning, just like the others. Though, my position placed me in the last place of the player order. Thus give me the advantage in buying technology card. Things never been easy for me every time I played this game, it was hard to win the game and I often finished last. My ordinary strategy was to control you clan size during the game, since having huge clan size automatically put you in the first place of the turn order (move last in most phases except buying new technology card). So, unfortunately Ivan and Willys just acquired the two Fire technology available in the game. So we expand our clans pretty much slow and Willys had the opportunity to end the game, but we managed to block him out to prolonged the game for another round. That round I managed to get into 12 clan size put me leading temporarily, but  the next round I was barely able to place only one clan member (only with 4 food). Ivan was out of the game since in the last round his clan member was still 7 and the maximum expand was limited to 5 members. So, the gripping battle begun, between Willys and the others, since he posed most serious threat to other players. We kept him contained in previous round, but in the last round 4 players were managed to get into 13 clan members. Ali was the first one who triggered the end game and others followed him to up to 13 clan members. Only Ivan who couldn’t managed to get into 13. So, the tie breaker placed Yongkie in the first place, Me, Ali and Willys behind it and Ivan in the last place. A very tight game with full open table talk. I was lucky to finished in second place.

Battle Ground!

Just in time after First Sparks was ended, it’s already 20.00 PM and I decided to call it a day. So, we say good bye to our fellow gamers (Tommy, James and his girlfriend) which were still playing Felix Cat in The Sack. It’s a very good experience, nice place despite the hot temperature, windy and dusty.

Owner of the game (Daniel Mulia) explaining Alien Frontiers to other players

Photos are courtesy of Ali Tan

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Die Macher Rules – Special Meetup 23rd March 2012 Session Report

Friday, 23rd March 2012

This time, we held out a special meetup all day at B’Steak Green Ville. Why special? Cause it’s public holiday and some of us had the time to spend all day and there was a Die Macher special session which was planned days before. We started early at 11.00 AM and the venue wasn’t too crowded yet, just a few tables.

1. Pantheon

The first game was already playing once I got there around 12.30 AM, it was 4 players game of Pantheon with Andi Leman (owner), Jeffry, Kenneth, and Kenth (if I was not mistaken). Kenneth saith the final standings of the game were Andi in the first place, followed by Kenneth, Jeffry and Kenth. Too bad i don’t have the picture of this session.

2. Ark

I brought one of my new games, Ark. A simple (so-called one) filler and tried to play it for the first time with 4 players (Me, Marisa, Willys and Daniel). Once we played the game, it turned out the game was not that kind of simple we thought it would be. The restrictions and special abilities of the animals were not so friendly to new players. You need to keep in mind with such complicated rules of how to place an animal card legally into the ship. This could be a pain in the ass for some new players. Marisa didn’t like the first game and decided to blow it and play something else.

3. King of Siam

A rare gem, brought by Daniel, King of Siam is absolutely fantastic. A simple, quick and yet filled with deep tactic but abstract game that I had played twice before. You won’t find this game easily anywhere and it’s quite pricey because it’s already out of print. The game was played with 3 players (Andi, Sally & Brodi) with Sally as the winner, and 2 players game, Daniel vs Jeffry with Daniel’s victory.

4. Shadow Hunters

I haven’t try this game, but it seems the game has similar mechanics like The Resistance, Bang and Werewolf. The game was played by Andi, Sally, Kenneth, Billy, Kenth, Vivi & Marisa.

5. The Resistance

Kenneth asked me to brought this game, my own print and play version of the game. They played it twice I guess with 8 players. Not sure who won the game.

6. Mansion of Madness

Mansion of Madness

5 player game of madness. Billy (owner) played as keeper and Vivi, Marisa, Kenth and Sally as investigators. This is an interesting game, the stories had always been the key factor in the game, though it’s complicated and fiddly rules, you just love to see this. The keeper won the game after eliminating the investigators one by one.

7. Ultimate Werewolf

A party game with secret roles as werewolves and villagers. Played several times not sure who played it and who won.

8. Homesteaders

Daniel (owner) brought this game to the table and played it with 4 players (Daniel, Jeffry, Ivan and Erick). The game was won by Daniel the owner. I noticed something in this game, the wooden components are remarkable and to my surprise the print out boards have doff finishing unlike other TMG game such as Belfort. Quite good component quality I must say.

9. Dungeon Petz

Dungeon Petz

3 players game with Andi, Kenneth and David. Too bad it’s not finished bacause it’s getting late and David need to run. I really want to play this again, just played it once since I bought it.

10. Lancaster

Didn’t really realize who played it, but I guess Jeffry and others.

11. Die Macher

Die Macher

The pinnacle of the event. Andi Leman was begging to play this game since the last gathering (18th March 2012). We played with 5 players (Andi Leman, Yongkie, Brodi, Willys & Me). I was enthusiastic to play this game and I bet others feel the same. We started the game at 01.30 PM (Andi, explained the rules of the game to us) and finished at 20.00 PM, 6 hours and 30 minutes game time, what a game indeed. What game is played for 6 hours and more? Well, this game is surely one of the correct answers, and to be honest, this one just suddenly pop up in my top rated games along with Twilight Imperium and War of The Ring. A finesse Euro game about parliament and election on classic German’s cabinet. Complicated but as usual contained (typical euro) and at first we just stepped blindly in the earlier stages but when entering the last stages, 5-7 stages, we all already knew what to do, but it’s not that easy to acted and get what we wanted. Lots of bidding battles, wits, dirty alliance, accusing, direct conflict, decision making and many more. This is surely political and good gracious, I didn’t know that politic could be so much fun (at least in this game). The bids were ecstatic, you could feel your heart pumped up and down. A superb game with outstanding mechanics which explained that there are often times when your plans didn’t work out as you planned. In short, shit happens. Though there were some reasons that the game as the feeling of king making or leader bashing, but the fact was, it’s quite competitive in some way, this was proven by the fluctuated progress of each player (decision making really prove it’s importance here) and the result was rather not too ranged between players.

Game Board

What I don’t like (conveniently accepted) was the coalition voting terms. When under coalition, players will sum the total amount of their votes to compared with others, which when a player got himself more than 50 votes, the excesses of the votes are still counted towards his vote. Unlike players without coalition, their excesses votes are not counted, which left to the ugly fact that coalitions are surely always win in votes. This is the bad of the game according to me. But nevertheless it’s an awesome game!

The final standings were Willys, followed by Yongkie, Me, Brodi and Andi Leman in the last place.

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Event Report : IBG 1st Gamers gathering 2011


Friday, 11th November 2011 – B’Steak Green Ville (19.00 – 00.30)

Started from our regular board games meetup in this cafe located in Green Ville area, we settled down some of the unsettled things (printout name tag and code of conducts) in the last minutes of the meetup. I played Hollywood Blockbuster, Maharaja and 7 Wonders.We decided to print the code of conduct in x-banner format rather than posters and that meant i need to change the layout of the design, so overtime work til 02.00 AM in the morning.

Saturday, 12th November 2011 – Killiney’s Kopi Tiam, Central Park (13.30 – 20.00)

I woke up early that Saturday morning (around 08.00 AM) and went out to print the necessary material for tomorrow’s event. The name tags weren’t a problem, but the x-banner did. There weren’t any digital printing supplier which manage to print it in quick order (corrected, cheap digital printing supplier). I couldn’t reach Daniel Mulia by text or phone, so i decided to cancel the x-banner since the only available ones was too expensive and not in very good quality. I went to Central Park to join with my 2 friends (Eric and Karno), which we played Ankh Morpork in Killiney’s and continued to prepare Chaos in The Old World game while waited for one of my other friends, Jeffry, to joined us. After a little bit of a chaos, we end the game with Eric’s victory by points and decided to settle down and discuss about tomorrow’s event preparation, which rather unclear for some of us. And we were still unable to contact Daniel Mulia nor Ricky Bayu. So all of us decided to made a backup plan if the two of them had not prepared it yet. I don’t know if was it because of the coffee or the anxiety of the preparation but our hearts were pounding so hard and fast. Time passed so quickly and it’s already 8 o’clock and i wasn’t feeling well. We decided to call it off for that night.

Sunday, 13th November 2011 – Function Room Gandaria Heights Apartment (10.00 – 22.00)

It’s early in the morning, around six and there were many peeps in my phone (what’sapp notification alert) from Karno. “What the hell” i think… last night i was unable to sleep, the last time i recall being awake was 4 o’clock and hell, when i was starting to get a good sleep, it’s morning already. So i jumped out of the bed and replied to Karno. He’s an asshole, for reminding me about the Brass sleeves, hell that was quite important to wake me up half an hour early. I checked on Eric and getting ready. At quarter to eight i went out to Eric’s apartment and pick him up. He decided to drop by at 7/11 to have a breakfast, which was only a coffee for him and energy drinks for me and Karno, and we went to nearest local noddle house. We reached Gandaria Heights around 9 o’clock and parked my car in the apartment’s parking lot. The three of us carried a good deal of stuff, including 2 heavy boxes of bottle drinks and my game collections mostly.

Games Deposit

We entered the function room and it got a good impression from us. The place is quite good, cozy and really remote, which was good considered our event. We set up the place and few moment later some other friends shows up, Timot, Ricky, Jopy and Andika. Daniel showed up the last and being the most wanted person that time for he was the one who brought the laptop and name tag holders. Around 11.30 some of the participants started to arrived. Few tables were opened, the first game played was Taj Mahal I guess, table 5 and Ankh-Morpork at table 2. We had an honored guest from Malaysia, his name’s Thir, arrived quite early and played with us. The event reached 44 participants and 31 sessions were played. Some of the games were Ankh Morpork, Taj Mahal, Pantheon, Battlestar Gallactica, Small World, A Game of Thrones, Crusader Rex, Quarriors, The Resistance and many more. Most gamers deposited their games to the games pool and according to the record, there were 125 games deposited in the games pool,what a number to behold.

I played Pantheon first, it’s belong to Andy, which he gave me permission to used. I played with Andika, Raymond and Dede, it’s a tight game, i played it once and quite remember the rules, so i explained the games with the help from Andika, which really helpful, since he had played it several times. The game was competitive but too bad there was one rule that we missed, but still a good game though. Then i ate my lunch before planning to play Battlestar Gallactica (one of my anticipated games on the event). Too bad after that i skip the game for it really takes time and new players were given the priority. So i played Quarriors, with Nugi, Sigit and There. Nugi taught us the game, a simple game but fun. It’s like Dominion or Rune Age, but it’s using dice instead of cards. The game was quick, which Nugi almost took the win but he was overlapped by Sigit with his powerful indestructible quake dragon and primordial ooze. After that, i taught another session of Quarriors to Karno, Jopy and Jeffry. Karno was up ahead with his quake dragons scores high glory points, but he was knocked off when he rolled 2 quake dragon dice with 1 quiddity each (he cannot score this turn) which leave me with possible scoring and overlapped his position to take the 1st place. The game’s quite fun and addictive. I like the colorful dice fest.

Quarriors - Game in Progress

After Quarriors we played quick game with 6 players, The Resistance (Me, Agus, Eric, Karno, Jopy and Jeffry). This game was the most fascinating and awesome session i played in this event and i believe it’s memorable. We started with 4 resistances and 2 spies. In the middle of the game, there were lot of accusation and poiting faces out, very thrilling, breathtaking and chaotic, nobody can be trust and it’s left with Eric as the current leader to made the call. Which the resistance failed it’s third mission. And in the end, i was right that the spies were Jopy and Jeffry. What a game… i lost my voice in that game, and maybe this session was the most outraged, noisy and loudest in the event.

The Resistance - Mission Ready to Carried Out

The last game i played was another Quarriors, with Eric, Timot and Kur. Jeffry pointed out a miss in the rules that Nugi had taught early and we settled down with Jeffry, which had grounds for it and we all agreed that it’s more logic that way. And that was the last game and table opened that night. We must wrapped out the place and went back at 10.00 PM. Exhausted, really really exhausted but fun, even we’re not satisfied with the game time. Usually we had more games with illegal meetups compared to this event. But overall it’s good and i wish there will be more events like this on the future.

All the Crews and Gamers

Here is the link to some photos of the event, enjoy!

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