Hi guys, my name is Kris and you probably know me by the name of Angrod Vardamir (it’s an alias I use on the internet). I really love board games and everything that comes with it. I jumped into the hobby in 2011 and it has an interesting story behind it. The one thing that got me into the hobby is Monopoly (which is one of many board games and a pretty famous one at that). Now the interesting part is that not like I like Monopoly, instead I dislike it very much. You might think it doesn’t add up, right? Well it began with a friend asked me to join them in Monopoly game session which I turned down with a big NO, because I don’t like the game (let set this aside for now). So one time they suggest to try different games (this was the first time we realized that there is actually a game category called Board Game) and later we chose Arkham Horror for our first board game (so we collected some of our money and bought it together). Played it every day until midnight and oh boy we had so much fun!

So Arkham Horror was fun, until my gaming group just vanished into thin air (I blame it on the ancient ones) and now I am left alone in this adventure of board game hobby. I joined local community and they welcomed me kindly and openly. Tried any kind of games they threw at me (I guess they were a bit enthusiastic because they found themselves a new cultist, me) and I was like omnivore (ehem, omni-gamer) gobbled those games up into my mouth. Each board games always amazes me back then, there were so many interesting and new to be found. Until I realized what kind of games I love and like or dislike and avoid. 

I always think of myself as a Euro gamer, love euro games in general, especially medium to heavy strategy games with enough depth and complexities to warrant great experience in planning and making hard decision. I do not mind play a game for hours, set a complicated and time consuming setup and clean it up after that. I do not mind to teach or explain such games to new players (no really, I love to do this, it offers me certain satisfaction to teach games). I am in love with Madeira, Trickerion, Anachrony, Brass, Trajan, Troyes, Kanban and other heavy games.

But I do not close my door for lighter games or even children games. As time progresses I grew fond of dexterity, word, deduction and hidden role games. I like games like The Resistance: Avalon, H.I.D.E, Codenames, Word Porters, Meeple Circus, Flipships and etc.

Worker placement mechanic was the first one came to me from games like Stone Age, The Pillars of The Earth and Agricola. It has been there since the beginning of my hobby years and it still interesting. The idea of placing a worker into a space to get the benefit is amazing. It leads to very important decisions that players need to decide.

Dice always fascinate me, rolling a die or dice gives me certain euphoric feel that I always drawn into (though most of the time, the dice hate me), so dice games or games that have dice components always interest me. Games like Troyes, CV, Bora-Bora, The Castles of Burgundy, Sentient and Roll Player always have place in my collection.

Even if I started the hobby with a cooperative game, as time goes by, I began to avoid cooperative games because it produces alpha player and it doesn’t have enough decisions in the game. But of course I do like some cooperative games with great mechanic, compelling and immersive story and strong decision element such as Gloomhaven, The 7th Continent, Hanabi, The Grizzled, Robinson Crusoe and many more.

Regardless how strong my Euro force is, deep down inside I always feel that there’s an Ameritrash spirit waiting to be freed. I might be drawn into War of The Ring because of the theme (I love The Lord of The Rings and everything that comes with it) but turned out it not only stops there, it also infected me with a sensation that keep the flame inside me stay burnt. There were memorable moments after you play these kind of games and this was proven by my 8-player session of Twilight Imperium, immersive story of Mansion of Madness, twisted storyline of Panic Station and many more.

I came from a background that appreciate art, so visual presentation in board game does matter and usually affecting my interest in games. Regardless there are games that actually really good no matter how awful that games look like, this is a part of me that appreciate game designs. I also have high tolerance in board game designs which often leads me to not be able to point out minor flaws in game balance and broken mechanics (or I just don’t see it deep enough).

I met my wife on one of the game meets that I regularly attend (late 2011), she’s new and I showed her around, introduced her to some game and in short time we were hooked to each other. I asked her hand in marriage in 2016 (thankfully she said yes). And have a baby boy in 2018 (we named him Soren Roarke) which I hope he will like board games like we do because every games I own will be pass down to him eventually. With marriage and having a baby definitely affecting my gaming adventure. Less time and less budget so to speak. So with less time to play I write blog and record videos, also think of game designs. So things just shifted in one way or another, still love to play but maybe the interest is a bit changed. I am more focus on my games rather than playing someone else’s games. Maybe because my collection has grown rather exponentially over the past few years and now I need them to be played. I still love play any games (that I like of course) but now I tend to find real satisfaction in selected games (games that I love or heavy complex game).

I have close relation with one of the local game store on the area where I live (I am quite active in the community) and often help them do some promotional activities and reviews for them. But I am not exclusively tied in with them and open to any idea. So if you have games need to review, board game events or anything, feel free to contact me (email: angrod_vardamir@yahoo.com, IG @angrodvardamir and @myboardgamejournal and mobile +62 813 1929 9770).

Thank you for reading and have fun playing board games!

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