Hi all,

Personally i’m a gamer person. I have been in relationship with games (in many formats) for my almost entire life (since childhood), and doubted that relationship ever gonna sink, at least not what i want. Like most children, you or others, i was also introduced to games or toys from my family (what’s the difference between toys and games anyway?), from infants toys to video games, action figures, comic books and animation movies. And i also could testify that around my lifetime, the most dominant games that ever took control is video game, yeah since the era of Nintendo, Sega and the phenomenal era of Playstation. But after give up with the consoles in the first age of Playstation, i parked my gear to PC gaming between my teen and adult life.PC gaming has become my idol since but not for long, yet a new format undetected before me, has come to my attention not so long ago (in the late of 2010), and it’s board game (also include card game). Actually board game had already touch me years years ago with Monopoly and Snake & Ladders, but that didin’t impress me, yet in this state of time i stand right now, to despise the game itself. What’s the good of Monopoly, what’s the fun of it? What’s the purpose and satisfaction? I found it unanswerable to my liking.

Yes, Monopoly is a game that i dislike, but yet it holds a critical reason for me being fall in love with board games. Not because i liked it, but because i disliked it. Once my friends ask me to hanging around in a cafe, and they wanted to play Monopoly to fill the free time, and honestly it had nothing to do with my mood, it’s just not interesting for me to fill my time with that boring kind of game. Want to know why? Yes it’s becasue i didn’t get the actual purpose in playing that game, traveling around the world through famous cities by rolling a dice and spend your money by buying cities and build houses or hotels so that the rest of players must pay you some money if ever they stop at your place. And after that? What’s the point? Sorry to say, but from all my experience of Monopoly gaming, i didn’t find myself ever using any thought, strategy, plan or any deprivative thing that show the use of intelligent thinking. So, that’s it and i said sorry to my friends for unable or unwant to participate in the somewhat useless game. After that one of my friends decided to find suitable games to my and others liking (he did come up with several candidates which one of them became our first proffesional board game).

Yeah, and here i am, a board game geek, loving the games and the things around it. Board game has help me realize my real passion is and since then, i am unable to replace it with any other thing, not even PC gaming which had mesmerized me for some time. This blog, i supposed was made to communicate the will and the passion of board gaming to every person who like it or take interest in it. I plays board games and card games regularly, and also have several collections and gaming groups. And recently i was trying to expand my experience, open to any kind of board and card games, writing reviews and session reports, active in the communities and eagerly introduce this games to others.

In this blog, contains some of my reviews about games and any other info that might be helpful if you take interest in the games. Please put any encouraging comment, positive critic and also suggestion here so it can help me make improvement for the blog.

Thx and enjoy.


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