Having Fun in Jakarta Tabletop Expo 2018


Last weekend I was attending the first, Jakarta Tabletop Expo in Mall @ Alam Sutera (located in Tangerang, which is not Jakarta, but suburban area in the edge of Jakarta). Th event was organized by Blue Moon Board Game Community, which is a board game community that consists of college students from Prasetiya Mulya University. It’s a three days event, starting from 30 November until 2 December 2018. I was there as media partner of the event, thanks for inviting me.

I’ve managed to get a nice interview with community’s representatives, Bro Aka and Sis Katherine. Basically, their purpose of creating this event was to increase awareness of Prasetiya Mulya student (along with everyone else) about board games, so they can grow their community.

Catan Tournament

Despite that their community is solely for Prasetiya Mulya students, the event was open for public, anyone can join. With a low one pass ticket price, people can enjoy playing board games and even participate in different tourneys such as Splendor, Onitama, and many more. There were also D&D Sessions and Warhammer Shadespire and the last but not least an open play of Keyforge: Call of The Archon (a new game from Fantasy Flight that has very high hype at the moment). There were also game auctions and trades.

The event was supported by major distributor in Indonesia, Mitra Nirwana and local publisher, Cuaca Cerah Games. There were also some game stores and communities that participate, such as Folks, The Maple, Grouplay, Hobo, Callesa Vault, and many more.

Despite attending the event every day, I wasn’t there all day, my time was limited. But with the limited time, I’ve the chance to talk with some great people, played some games and take photos. I think Saturday was the most crowded day among the three, there was barely enough space to move through the crowd of people playing games.

Thanks to Mr. Reza Kadir from Cuaca Cerah Games for introducing me to Trellis (their new / soon-to-be localized title) and talked about their coming project involving local game designer with Emerson Matsuuchi (Century: Spice Road and Eastern Wonder) as it’s game developer. Special thanks to The Maple Board Game for allowing us to play with your great board game tables (Vindication played on that hexagonal board looks amazing!). Also thanks to good people there who made their time to say Hi to me. Definitely a great event and hope in the future there are more events like this, bigger and better of course.

Brendan (Mitra Nirwana) and Billy (Chiveus)

Games that I played: Vindication, Sentient, Trellis and Tokaido.


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