Everyone is a know-it-all in this game!

Cryptid Review First of all, I have to say that I really, really like deduction games (although not all type of deductions). I love Codenames, Abraca…What?, The Resistance: Avalon, H.I.D.E, The Name of The Rose, Word Porters and others. So when I heard Osprey Games would release Cryptid, I was super stoked and excited. I…

Having Fun in Jakarta Tabletop Expo 2018

Last weekend I was attending the first, Jakarta Tabletop Expo in Mall @ Alam Sutera (located in Tangerang, which is not Jakarta, but suburban area in the edge of Jakarta). Th event was organized by Blue Moon Board Game Community, which is a board game community that consists of college students from Prasetiya Mulya University….