Hey, I Know Something About Cinderella

11 Sep
Art Cover

Art Cover

Too Many Cinderellas Review
So you guys know about Cinderella story right? It’s a children fairy tale about a beautiful peasant girl who go into the ball dance with the help of a fairy Godmother, but she need to be back before midnight. So when midnight comes, Cinderella rushing out to leave the ball right when she’s with the prince. So hurry that she left out one of her crystal shoe (I wonder what happened with the other one). The prince was devastated and put all his efforts to look for Cinderella by scouring the town and village to see who would fit her foot into the crystal shoe she left behind, apparently Cinderella’s make-up confused the prince to recognize her true appearance. So he can only depend on the half pair of her crystal shoe.
But in this game, there are many candidates and the prince is having a hard time to decide. Well this opportunity is not something that comes everyday for the folks in town, so they also want a piece of see if whether his/her relatives (or even him/herself) is fit to wear that shoe. No harm to try they think.

The game can be played from 2-4 players, it has a small pocket-sized box that only contains 18 cards, some tokens and a rule sheet. It plays 5 minutes per game and designed by Nobutake Dogen and Nao Shimamura. Published in 2014 by Taikikennai Games and get reprinted by Grail Games with different artworks for the English edition.

Game Contents

Game Contents

So in this game, you want to persuade or convince the prince with your rumors to lead him believe your candidate is in fact his Cinderella. At the start of the game each player will be randomly dealt 4 cards. From these cards they will play two of their cards one by one in clockwise order starting from the first player as rumors. The card has 3 distinctive parts to differentiate, the top information, the image and the bottom information. The top contains information about the candidate’s traits and preferences. The image shows the portrait of the candidate and partly shows his / her preferences as well, like hair color. The bottom one is used as a rumor. So if you play a card from your hand, you used it as a rumor and the bottom part is the only one that matters, the rest are ignored. When you play the card, the players (including you) will have to take vote to choose whether the rumor is true or not. Each player has two tokens at the start of the game, each shows a “NO” and an “OK” which used o vote the rumor. If at least one player vote NO to a rumor, that token(s) is placed on the card and the rumor is nullified (ignore the rumor on the card). If more than one player vote no, they place all the NO tokens on the cards and they can no longer vote NO to subsequent rumor card. Players who vote OK, get their tokens back.

Once all players exactly play 2 cards, one card is revealed from the leftover draw pile and players will vote one last time as the last rumor. And then all players reveal leftover cards from their hands and decide if any of their cards are truly considered as Cinderella based on the rumors requirement. If there is more than one candidates, candidates with smaller number turns out to be the real Cinderella. If no candidate, no player wins.

Player hand

Player hand

It’s a simple trick taking game with unusual theme. I must say it’s quite hard to control the outcome, the game is quite chaotic though it doesn’t feel like so because one single stroke of rumor could spoil your plan to promote your candidates. If you like a funny game which plays fast, interesting theme that appeals both gender, this could be for you. One notable comment is that the game has counter-intuitive deduction trick to sort out which are considered as preferred traits and which are not.
For several plays it could get boring, for players get realize it’s hard to control the outcome of the game. Your plan can work but it requires high amount of luck.


Game Play

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