“Reasons why Sheriffs shouldn’t drink Whiskey”

26 Nov

Illegal Session – 20 November 2012 (19.30 – 20.15)
Revolver (core set)

It was mid day and the sun has dried out all the water from the ground. The heat of summer has never been this high and water is almost as precious as gold in this wild west region. The town is suddenly alarmed by the sound of two gunshots coming from inside the Bank on Repentance Springs. After that several men came out from the bank hastily with guns and rifles on their hands. The last man came out from the bank turned out to be Jack ‘The Crow’ Colty, who is a notorious bandit wanted across the state by law enforcers for his bank jobs, manslaughter and other long list of serious crimes. The law enforcers were coming as fast as they can to stop the bandits from escaping. They’re late though, to prevent the death of 2 good and honest citizens, Sheriff Anton Dreyfus and Sue Daggett. They died took the blazing hot silver bullets from the Mason brothers. Those low filthy animals has been on Colty’s gang from the beginning. Witness claimed that Sheriff Anton Dreyfus was brutally slain from 2 gunshots by Lenny ‘The Pig’ Mason after was beaten by other bandits. Hell, they don’t like law enforcers more than their ‘loving’ parents. Sue Dagget was killed by Missy Jameson’s revolver after trying to help the poor sheriff. The place has instantly became a war zone in the middle of the town. Most citizens, fearing for their lives, hurried into their house and other buildings. They were watching the battle from inside the building griped with fear.

Colonel Ned McReady arrived at the scene with his trusted sheriffs and deputies to stop Colty. The Colonel has been pursuing Colty right from the beginning. He has some kind of vendetta with Colty, no one know why for sure but most people think it has to do with his own daughter, Poppy McReady who joined Colty (she’s in love with him) and became one of the bandits herself. A grim and hard person himself, The Colonel had taken an oath to bring Colty and his gang down, along with his own daughter if need be. This kind of oath should not be meddled with, for this goal the Colonel is the same dangerous man as Colty.

Apparently, in the struggle to escape out of town, The Colty Gang took some casualties. The deputy managed to clip Salomon ‘Doc’ Mason, the oldest of the Mason Brothers. Micky ‘Riverboat’ Mason infuriated by this, charged forward into the front line with anger and grief filled his temper, gun blazing like madman and killed a deputy and a hired gun shooter. But, that was the last piece of action from him. A bounty hunter landed his silver bullets to his neck and chest, left him immediately breathless. Lenny ‘The Pig’ Mason yelling from back of the barrels trying to get out of his hiding place to join his brothers but Manolito hold him back.

Escape out of Repentance Springs Bank

Though they lost 2 comrades, they’re able to escape out of town, heading to Whiskey Canyon. The law enforcer were tight in their back led by the Colonel. “They choose a perfect getaway!”, said Col. McReady. This was true, since Whiskey Canyon is known as a hiding place for renegades and bandits. The place is full of hiding spots and many labyrinths. A chase or search is proved to be difficult and dangerous. But Col. McReady instructed his men and other law enforcer to keep on going. He decided not to let Colty get away with all of his bad deeds after this one. He told his men to spread out to cover wide area of search, he knew that his idea carries a risk but he never thought much that Colty would prefer to set up an ambush than to escape. The spread out law enforcers were outgunned, several bounty hunters and deputies were killed here. The Colonel’s mistake really demoralized the law enforcers, though they’re still loyal to his cause.

Quincey ‘The Spider’ Whitmore

The Colonel still kept on chasing Colty through Buzzard Point, a more friendly place for the lawmen but still a dangerous pursuit. This time, the Colonel took safe approach on the chase and it proved in good result. Quincey ‘The Spider’ Whitmore managed to shot Lenny Mason and put down Bullet (Colty’s favorite dog) for good. First Deputy Charlie Weathers also took down Sir Marmaduke Poncenby Smith (the one and only black in the gang). They tried good and hard but not good enough to slow down the Outlaw from escaping. Before crossing Buzzard Point, Colty sacrificed Harry ‘Boxcars’ Houndy to escape the Colonel’s trap in the border, one more bandit was down.

Colty’s gang arrived at Rattlesnake Creek, they’re exhausted and their morale was in a bad shape, but Colty seemed still determined. Whatever that is, they need to rest, so they set a ground in the vicinity and took some breaths. The place is a deserted small town with several locals still living and not a good stand for them, but they need to take the risk. The Colonel arrived several minutes later and realized that the gang was still hiding in some building somewhere. After quick check of the perimeter, both sides started to shoot each other, this time Kittens MacKenzie was shot three times. A Deputy took down Poppy McReady when she tried to shoot another law enforcer. Down she went from the top of the building. The Colonel did not shed any tear but everyone knows that her death put a big black hole in his heart. Colty was furious but he couldn’t do shit, he himself was surrounded by hail of bullets. Manolito took a bullet for Colty in the chest and he died in Colty’s hand. Colty’s anger and grief were unbearable and though as much as he wanted revenge, he knew that the only way to survive and save the rest of his gang, he must moved on to catch the 3.15 Express.

The Last Effort

The Colonel refused to look upon his dead daughter even for a second and insisting to chase down the man who led this to happen. He instructed his men to aboard the already moving train in a blitz and left behind the body of Poppy McReady with the rest of his men. His ultimate goal was right in front of his eyes and he cannot afford to let it go away this time. Josie ‘Dead Eye’ Logan was the first one aboard and took quick action to shoot down Josie Newcombe in a direct shootout. A bounty hunter killed Bruno and Missy Jameson on top of the train. They fell out of the train and must have died instantly when hit the ground.  Skinny Landell put a good resistance but got shot on his shoulder by one of the Deputies. The Colonel managed put a bullet to Cortez but that did not bring him down, it’s only a graze. Skinny took another bullet, this time on his chest and he was down. The train crossed the border before the law enforcers managed to take down all the gangs, they failed. The Colty’s gang survived, barely. Only 3 bandits still alive and managed to get out of the train. The Colonel lost track of Colty and his pursuit was in vain and his daughter was dead.

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