“He Should Have Died By Now!”

13 Nov

Rune Age Session – (Ascent of The Overlord Scenario) from Oath and Anvil Expansion

Ascent of The Overlord Scenario

Last weekend (Saturday to be exact) we played the new scenario (Ascent of The Overlord) of the new expansion, Oath and Anvil. I was curious and ecstatic about this one, since it offers different taste of the game play beside the other scenarios. In this scenario the game plays with 1 vs many system. The scenario resembles Descent game play, in which 1 players will be randomly selected as the Overlord while others played as the heroes. So with 4 players on the game, the Overlord will fight against 3 other players / factions. And it turned out to be outstanding session and very entertaining. Here is the full report of the session.

Saturday, November 10th, 2012; 13.30 – 15.00
Willys’ Place
Game : Rune Age (Ascent of The Overlord Scenario)

1. Me (Waiqar The Undying)
2. Mpruel (Uthuk Yllan)
3. Willys (Daqan Lords)
4. Jeffry (Orcs of The Brokenplains) –> The Overlord
Neutral Cards: Shadow Rune, Giant and Reprieve
Mercenary Cards: Seer, Flesh Moulder and Chaos Beast
Neutral Cities: Nerekhall, Tamalir, Frostgate, Downsmoor and Greyhaven

I own the game and between the four of us Mpruel and Me is the most experienced players with the game, while Willys and Jeffry Jeffry started as the first player since he’s the Overlord. Like everybody else, his first turn was recruiting the cheapest unit (in his case it’s Ravager) and secure one of his Stronghold. And we all did, followed by Willys by his Foot Soldiers and me with Reanimates, and also Mpruel with Berserker and Flesh Ripper.

The First Event Card drawn was Diversionary Force, which stated that during next round no allied players can conduct siege to the Overlord’s home realm (who wants to lay siege in the ealry turns anyway? Even if there is anyone, can his unit support the siege?). So Jeffry tried to get another unit from his barrack. Spiritspeaker this time and secured one of the neutral cities. Willys also tried to take the neutral cities but resulted in vain. I did manage to secure one city (Frostgate) with +2 influence and also recruited a Vampire unit (Oh one of my favorites). Mpruel also secured a neutral city and recruited a Blood Sister unit.

The next Event Card drawn was Besieging Horde, which deal 2 damages to allied player’s home realms at the start of each event phase. This was threatening, but none of us can handle it right now. So, Jeffry tried to build his army with Leonx Rider and purchased a Shadow Rune Card (deal 1 damage to other players). Willys purchased the Foot Soldier and Novice Wizard units. I took purchase the Giant unit and another Vampire and Stronghold. Mpruel secured another Stronghold and get the Flesh Ripper and Berserker. She purchased Chaos Beast unit.

The next Event Phase, each allied player got 2 damages because of the Besieging Horde effect. The next Event Card drawn was The Scavengers, which act as a Reward for the Overlord. This Reward gives the Overlord the benefit to secure one of his unit into discard pile instead of destoying it in combat once per turn. Willys attacked the Overlord to secure one of his controlled city and this time he did it (Did not know for sure if the Overlord was had mercy on him or not). I decided to attack the Besieging Horde to stop the damages it causes each turn, I rolled the attrition die and had to sacrifice two of my Reanimates, but still managed to defeat the enemy (8 Strength). Mrpuel purchased another Chaos Beast during her turn.

The next Event card is Treasure Hoard, which gave the Overlord 3 gold coins or 2 Influences to spend each turn, which opened his option to purchase Shadow Rune with 6 Influence cost. Willys purchased the Seer mercenary card and a Knight unit. My turn, I decided to attack the Overlord’s home realm. Apparently my attack resulted in a success with 5 damages to the Overlord’s home realm. Threat was coming in the Overlord’s doorstep. He’s greeted by a Vampire. Mpruel was a bit passive, silently building her army with Blood Sisters.

At the next Event Phase, The Guardian was drawn. This enemy prevent the Overlord to be attacked by more than one player in each round. It’s not a critical situation and we decided not to take it seriously at the moment. The Overlord purchased another Shadow Rune with his overflowing Influence Points. Willys purchased another Seer, since it’s quite useful to filter the Overlord’s draw pile. I also purchased a Chaos Beast and rearmed my Reanimates and another Vampire. Mpruel purchased another unit from her barrack.

Next Event Card drawn was Secure The Perimeter which each allied player must decide to deal 3 damages to his/her home realm or skip his/her turn next round. We all decided to take the damages, who wanted to skip a round anyway? In his turn, the Overlord launched his evil scheme by playing the Shadow Rune card, to deal damage to each allied player’s home realm. Willys tried to deal with the Guardian, which he failed to do so. I decided to attack the Overlord’s controlled city but did not succeed but I never thought I would win the attack anyway, I just wanted to use the Vampire ability, to make sure my deck for the next round. Then I purchased 2 Seer cards.

In the next Event Phase, the Event Card drawn was The Quagmire, which is prohibited the allied players to replenish their hands until the end of the Event Phase in the next round. In this round, the Overlord attacked Mpruel and deal a very impressive damage (12 damages) to her home realm. What a shock, bad timing for her. Willys kept using Seer cards against the Overlord. And I decided to get 2 Reprieve Cards and played a Giant card as an action to give it as a Reward for Mpruel. Mpruel did not have enough card in her hand to do much.

The next Event Card drawn was Nefarious Scheme, which let the Overlord draw extra cards based on the number of the remaining allied players. During this turn the Overlord decided to attack me (despite the fact that he could attack Mpruel which currently had 16 damages in her home realm). His effort was fruitless, I could resist the attack. Willys tried another shot to fight the Guardian but again his effort was no good. I decided to purchase 3 value gold coin and purchased some Reanimates. This time Mpruel played her revenge against the Overlord and apparently the situation was not good for the Overlord, for his units were not powerful enough to fight 2 Chaos Beast, 1 wounded Berserker and Blood Sister. The damage was also massive, 13 damages to be exact which count up the damage total with 18 damages. The Overlord was dying.

The next Event Card was God Ascendant, which was an enemy that gives the Overlord the benefit to draw 6 cards each time he replenish his hand while this enemy is still alive. So, the Overlord attacked Mpruel and managed to defeat her. One allied player was down. Willys played the Seer twice but he couldn’t lay an attack to the Overlord’s home realm. I only managed to get 1 damage to the Overlord home realm (to bad just one more and he’s done!).

The next Event Card drawn was An Eye For An Eye, which stated if an allied player lay a siege upon the Overlord home realm he must take 3 damage to his home realm. The Overlord managed to buy 2 of his Mythic Units. Willys succesfully managed to get rid one of the Overlord’s Mythic unit from the draw deck with Seer card. I decided to attack which was failed and received 3 damages.

The next Event Card drawn was Renegade Oracle, an enemy that provides access for the Overlord to look into one of the allied player’s hand. He looked upon Willys’ hand. Then he decided to attack him. Willys was lost and received many damages. During my turn I bought a 3 valued gold coin and a Dark Knight unit. The last round was unclear but one thing for sure, the rest of the allied players were obliterated and the Overlord (Jeffry) was victorious with 19 damages on his home realm. A critical situation and He managed to survived and destroyed all of us.

The session was intense and full of suspense and actions. We enjoyed it a lot and had a great experience. The critical mistake for allied players was Mpruel mistake when attacking the Overlord. The combination of her units was not the most effective one. She should have deal another 2 damages with the perfect combination and He (the Overlord) should have been dead earlier.
Well Done Jeffry!

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