Night of Chaos!

13 Sep

Illegal Session – Wednesday, 12th September 2012

Chaos In The Old World

Chaos In The Old World

Without further ado, it’s one of a chaos night when we held illegal session of Chaos in The Old World. I lead the game to teach 2 new players, Yongkie & Ivan. Willys was the other player, who had played the game couple of times. So, the rules explanation was done around 30 minutes give or take. I played as Nurgle, Willys as Khorne, Ivan as Tzeentch and Yongkie as Slaneesh.

So let us get down to it. The first chaos card made the peasant tokens placed in each region and they counted toward the resistance value of the region. Khorne moved first to summon one of his Bloodsworn in Tilea after analyzing the Old World tokens position. I guessed with empty board, he just tried to take the most flexible position. Then Nurgle (me) started the invasion of my Lepers away far from Khorne in Kislev (populous region) followed by Tzeentch with one of his Acolytes, since there’s a Warpstone presence. Slaneesh was the one that summoned his Seductress in the corner of the map, on The Badlands. This really lured Khorne to join the party, he summoned his Bloodletter there to break the first battle. But, after I (Nurgle) summoned another Lepers in Kislev, Tzeentch conflict in demand really made the game more interesting (though I wasn’t sure the benefit for him) by summoned a Horror to deal with my Leper. So after readying for the battle, we started the first battles. Khorne did really well in put Slaneesh’s Seductresses out of the game. The battle in Kislev did not end up eventful since both sides produced no hit. So, after all sides counting domination and placing corruption tokens, we advanced the dial. Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle advance 1 step, while Slaneesh did not.

After Bretonnia Ruined!

Next round, Nurgle and Tzeentch continued with their conflict over Kislev and Tzeentch expanded his reach to next region of Troll Country, which also had a Warpstone. Slaneesh found himself cornered and need to get into better ground by crossing The Border Prince Region into The Empire. This move, provided Khorne an interesting option but he still focusing his battle driven mind toward The Badlands (which still had 1 Seductress left). So, in answer to this condition, I decided to join Slaneesh in the corruption party at The Empire, which of course I (accidentally or incidentally) taunted Khorne to live up the party. And yes, he did come to bring blood into The Empire. After several round, the regions were filled with Old World tokens like Nobles and Heroes. Several regions were corrupted near ruination (Kislev, The Empire and Bretonnia also Troll Country). Khorne was trying really hard to postpone the ruination of The Empire. Bretonnia ruined first, followed by Kislev. Me and Slaneesh were the majority players who corrupted these 2 regions.

When Kislev Ruined!

In later rounds, most players had already have upgrade cards. I had Plaguebearer upgrade card, which allowed them to inflict 1 hit to any figure when killed, and also additional chaos power. Khorne had his Bloodsworns upgrade which let them roll and resolve the battle dice first in each battle and also his Bloodletters can join the battle. Slaneesh in the other hand, upgrade his Keeper of Secret and his seductresses had better defense. In The Empire, I played The Final Rotting card which led me to kill each warrior / cultist for each Nurgle corruption token available in the region at the end of the battle phase, too bad that time I was only managed to kill 2 out of possible 5 tokens. I could place another Final Rotting card at Tilea but Khorne filled the slot before I could done so, which if I could, the damage would be more chaotic. The last round, happened precisely when the last old world deck was drawn, the game ended when there were 5 regions ruined. Following Brettonia and Kislev, Troll Country, The Empire and Tile were ruined. Mostly because Slaneesh and Nurgle. But, of course this really boosted up Slaneesh points (though he was already in front at that moment) even he got ruination points from secondary place. I was on majority in Tilea and The Empire but could not got nearer to Slaneesh, and followed by Khorne and Tzeentch in the back, respectively.

Ivan / Tzeentch (left) and Willys / Khorne (right)

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