Quick Session Report : Eclipse – A Peaceful Galaxy

08 Aug

Quick Session Report : 2 Players Game of Eclipse (B’Steak Green Ville, August 5th, 2012)

A Peaceful Galaxy

Play it complete for the first time with 2 players (Terran Union / Red and Terran Federation / White).

Terran Federation / White (me) acted first, explored the middle sector hex and inner sector hex in the first 2 turns. The same thing with Terran Union / Red (My girlfriend, who will be mentioned as Mpruel for the rest of the post), she explored 2 hexes and we both used our Colony Ships to populate the hexes. Another explored actions led us to confront Ancient Ships in new revealed hexes. For this reason, most of my next actions were Researches and Upgrades to modify my military aspect (ship customization). I researched Improved Hull first, and then followed with Fusion Source for more energy supply on the ships. To support my mobilization and upgrade utilization of the ships’ blue prints, I researched Advanced Economy and Labs then added a Plasma Cannon technology. While I was having mass progress on the military and grid lines technology, Mpruel had indulged the wealthy and prosperous way from Orbital technology research by building many Orbitals. This led her to control a large amount of money each round. Her Money track was completely opened from round 6 which gave her advantage on structural productions and technology researches. In the other hand, my lack of money condition has rendered me to early passes in several turns.

First 2 Players Complete Game

Left in such struggling condition, I was managed to dispatch a small squadron of Cruisers and Interceptors all out to take down one of the Ancients inhabited neighboring sector. The first assault was in vain and I lost one Interceptor, but managed to strike back by the hurling Plasma Cannon of my Cruisers, sector secured and discovered an Ancient ship (a +3 Computer). My next target was The Galactic Center, but I was not confident enough to launch an immediate attack, but directed the attack to another Ancient ship on different sector recently explored. It proved to be easy task for my squadron and discovered another Ancient ship part (-3 Shield) in the wreckage. Installed the newly achieved Shield to my Cruiser’s blue print and was ready to face the GCDS. Meanwhile, Mpruel had managed to destroy an Ancient with her Cruisers and Interceptors and gain a boost in the money track. She researched the Monolith and managed to built 2 Monoliths in her Home System’s backyard. Then she built a Starbase in her sector that neighbored with the Galactic Center since I made a movement to the Galactic Center. Tense was brewing and the possibility of friction was fluctuated. She felt need to secure her front yard.

Confront the Ancient!

The grandiose battle on the Galactic Center was begun. Equipped with such devastating Plasma Cannon, Ancient Computer & Shield technology, Fusion Source energy with Improved Hull, I realized that the result was eminent, only out of luck of the dice would say the opposite. My squadron needed to inflict 8 hits to bring down the GCDS and it completed in 3 rounds with no casualty (just 2 damaged on one of my Cruisers). This victory assured me boost on the Population tracks. Next target was the neighboring sector that also has an Ancient and to secure the Galactic Center from the possibility of an invasion, I deployed 2 Dreadnoughts and left an Interceptor in it. Then I moved my Cruisers into another sector to confront the Ancient ship. Mpruel also decided to make an aggressive move by assaulting a sector with 2 Ancient Ships. She managed to grab the victory without any casualty.

Against The Galactic Center Defense System

My next battle was won easily. The Ancient never had the chance against my Ancient equipped Cruisers. My next research action was Artifact key since I control 4 Artifacts on my hexes and gained 20 Science resources. Then in the last rounds I focused on the research actions of the Grid technology and filled all the Grid slots in the technology track to gain bonus VP with Quantum Grid, Positron Computer, Gauss Shield and Tachyon Drive Technology.

Observing the available Technology tiles

I won the game with 19 points from controlled hexes, 10 points from Reputation tiles, 6 points from Discovery tiles and 5 points from Grid technology track bonus (40 points total). While Mpruel managed to get 14 points from controlled hexes, 6 points from Monoliths, 3 Points from Military technology, 4 points from Discovery and 7 points Reputation tiles (34 points total). It was a great game, only minor misinterpretation of the rules (the timing of Colony Ship tiles usage and Initiatives order on the battle course). No battle or conflict between players in our first game, maybe because we (or at least me) saw possible conflict not as efficient as other actions. More playing experiences and number of players would definitely shed some lights.

End Game White’s Player Board

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