And Dorn Greeted Us With Woe And Despair

28 May

Dorn Session in Report

The date was 27th May 2012, it was Sunday though, the day was black and dark like any other day before it

The smile before the doom!

Grief was all over the place, the Dark Lord has found his way to spread the darkness…
This mean, our fellow adventurers have failed their quest.
The last news heard about them, though vague, had been a nightmare to remember… It was become a legend, a myth that others dread not to imagine or talk about it. From the tales, all adventurers were perished, devoured by the Dark Lord power, except one… Almanor, The Mage, was not dead (if the news was true). He was lost in the darkness, some people said he was captured, imprisoned by the Dark Lord for eternity, or even kept as slave. But some said, he was fallen into the dark side and become another minions of mindless monster himself. But, whatever it is, the Village of Argos was doomed.


But then again, this grief tale is always interesting for travelers, for strangers and even children. They just seemed to take it as a tales, and their fear are just like flickers of flame, for not knowing the real and facing the Dark Lord himself. So, here it is, the tales that set Argon into the abyss of darkness…

The Dark Lord has grown powerful and Argos was in the edge of His grasp. Argos villagers decided to get help from adventurers that came to their village. So, 5 adventurers set up to the task and they traveled to Dorn, a dark and malicious place of the Dark Lord. The band of adventurers were, Almanor The Mage, Kaedrak The Paladin, Cedrik The Druid, Zohra and Ragnar. The 5 of them entered Dorn with their own quests but the same objective, to save Argos from the Dark Lord’s evil plan. They decided to form 2 groups and searched the place in different direction. Kaerdrak, Almanor and Zohra went into the Black Moor Marshes and Ragnar and Cedrik into the mines. Though it’s good progress for Zohra’s party in the marshes, Zohra ventured too deep into the marshes leaving her friends far in the back. She was ambushed by skeleton and bog beasts. She was dead by the time Kaerdrak and Almanor were able to arrived. One adventurer was down.

The Downfall of Zohra… accompanied by the laughter of the Dorn Keeper

The rest of the adventurers (Kaerdrak and Almanor) couldn’t save her but revenge was done in swift by Almanor’s Fireball. Time was running out for them, for bog beasts were swarming the place, they decided to go back to the first place they entered the place, the safe path. Meanwhile, Ragnar were able to enter a portal that sent them to the deeper place of the palace. Ragnar got an artifact, a magical Axe that gave power to the wielder. Cedrik followed in the back. But, on the way back Ragnar was intercepted by a skeleton and a Demon (the horned fiend), he was cornered but Kaerdrak came to give help. The three of them were able to survive the ambushed, though they paid it dearly.
Almanor was still in the mines, hunting treasure and he leveled up from his acquired experience. He then found a treasure that led him onto a portal that sent him to another place. The other side of the palace, and achieve an artifact, The Morhen’s Blade, which was powerful during the day.
Ragnar and Cedrik were not safe yet, their ambushers were still on their tail and alas, they got cornered again and this time, they paid it with their lives. Ragnar was the first one to go down and Cedrik was alone, Kaerdrak couldn’t help him, for there was a demon between him and Cedrik. Cedrik was down, Kaerdrak had to flee and find a safe place for the moment. Critical time for them.
Almanor was lost, he tried every dark corner and yet, he couldn’t managed to regroup with his friends. He was forced to use his blessing and teleport into Kaerdrak’s place. The last hope of Argos was on their shoulders, which got heavier by the minutes. Kaerdrak was healed by Almanor’s greater healing potion.
Almanor got another artifact, which gave him the Ring of Morhen. Kaerdrak covered him from the back where A mummy, bog beast and a skull were appeared. He was paralyzed by the mummy’s attack and took several hits. Almanor came to the rescue and sent those monsters back to the darkness with his Fireball and Magic Missile. He gained another level from his experience.

Almanor’s Character Sheet – Lv. 2, soon to be Lv. 3

Kaerdrak was pinned down by another wave of monsters, a demon killed him. Now Almanor was getting desperate, the demon was immune to his magical attack. He was cornered, he cannot defeat the Demon, but in the last critical minutes, he found a way, he remembered his artifact, while he sees the glittering sunlight, he found a way to deal damage to that demon. He confronted it and the demon take hit him. Oh yes, he was hurt but the Morhen’s blade also deflect the attack to the Demon itself. The demon was wounded. But night came too early, and he realized that his chance was expired, so he fled..tried to survive as long as he can… but despair showed no mercy, the time was end…
Zorkal, The Dark Lord, had successfully completed the Dark Ritual… and Argos fell into the darkness!

The Blood Stones

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