Meeple Town – Issue #01 First Issue


Meeple Town Issue #01 – May 2012 Edition

Meeple Town Issue #01 – Preview

So, this is the first issue of Meeple Town. What is this anyway? Well, it’s just a form, a media for me to share my passion, passion toward board games. You’ll find fragments of my mind, ideas, experience, feelings, dedication and everything else in here. Hope this will give you enjoyment (even a little bit) like I did with board games.

In this cover story’s issue, I talked about one of my favorite games at the current time, Wiraqocha. Wiraqocha is an imported game from French publisher, Sit Down! Games. The game is interesting and you can see there are little resemblances with Settlers of Catan and Alien Frontiers. It’s modular hex tiles from Settlers of Catan and Dice Allocation from Alien Frontiers.

In the wishlist preview page, I found out that at this moment, I really really want to get a copy of Revolver, which has been in my wish list for quite some time. It’s a 2 player card game with a wild west theme. The art is superb and thematic and I could play this with my girlfriend.

I shared my experience of Special Meetup 17th May 2012 at B’Steak Green Ville on the session page. A healthy gaming life, one full day of board gaming is surely healthy. There were a lot of games been played, attended by a lots of gamers. Quite a satisfaction.

On the buzztalk page, I was wondering something peculiar from my case, that Lords of Waterdeep is more leaning at the girl side. My girlfriend always winning against me or others.

Don’t forget, I placed a subscription bonus on the designs and pimps page, a custom player mat for Lords of Waterdeep, hope you geeks find that useful.

So, you’ve been wondering how in the hell you can get your hands into this, well it’s easy, subscribe to this blog, and you will receive a notification when new issues are published (along with other posts like reviews and shit).

Last word, ENJOY!!!

Here’s the link:

Low resolution file:

Medium resolution file:

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