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Betrayal On Mecatol Rex

Session Report Twilight Imperium REX: Final Days of An Empire

Regular Meetup at B’Steak Green Ville, Friday April 13th, 2012 (6 Players Game)

Players (starting from the first player in order)

1. Madi – Emirates of Hacan

2. Willys – Barony of Letnev

3. Robert – Xxcha Kingdom

4. Chris – Lazax Empire

5. Daniel – Federation of Sol

6. Kris – Jol-Nar

During the first round, there wasn’t much happen. The Sol’s Dreadnought Fleet started at sector 1. Everyone didn’t have any target at the beginning but hunting influences. At the 2nd Round (Sol’s Dreadnought Fleet moved onto sector 4) Letnev and Sol hunting for influences. Jol-Nar didn’t move from the stronghold. Lazax generated many influences from the bidding phase, while Xxcha gained full free units in Galactic Council from others deployment. At the start of round 3, battles erupted among Lazax, Letnev, Hacan, Sol and Jol-Nar. Xxcha still maintained peace as long as he can. But Jol-Nar made it to sabotage Sol’s fleet and moved it 10 sectors forward. This resulted massive destruction in the fleet’s path, destroying all Lazax, Hacan and Xxcha units (more than 20 units in total) on Scholara Imperialis and Hall of Records. Nice reward for Jol-Nar.

At the fourth round, temporary ceasefire was occurred. 2 Alliances were made between Hacan, Letnev, Jol-Nar and Sol, Lazax, Xxcha. At this round the target of the game became more clearer. The Hacan, Letnev and Jol-Nar alliance controlled 3 strongholds while The Sol, Lazax and Xxcha alliance control 2 strongholds. But that was change in the next round. The Lazax, Sol and Xxcha alliance rapidly mobilized and deployed all their units onto the board. Their advantage of influences really gave them benefit against the other alliance, which short in influences. The condition was change drastically, The Sol, Lazax and Xxcha alliance control 4 strongholds, they need to control another one to win the game.

During the sixth round, they’re able control the other stronghold but lost a stronghold (imperial space navy) from Jol-Nar. At this point the end game possibilities rose to the occasion. The Hacan, Letnev and Jol-Nar alliance was having hard reality to win the game with alliance victory condition. They need to prolong the game into end and make sure that Sol’s special victory condition is not meet. Jol-Nar reaching the 10 influence from a location, to support his plan next round. During this round The Sol, Lazax and Xxcha alliance had ran out of influences and their hands of strategy cards were near at it’s limit. Now this decisive time brought advantages to the Hacan, Letnev and Jol-Nar alliance.At the bidding phase, the Hacan, Letnev and Jol-Nar alliance won several strategy cards with low prices. Even Jol-Nar acquired 2 fresh recruit cards in a row with the price of 1 influence each. That was a great deal and opened up chance for Jol-Nar in the recruitment and maneuver phases. With 2 cards of Fresh Recruits, Jol-Nar was able to recruit 10 free units from the game and deploy units to Imperial Navy Base, in order to reclaim the stronghold from Xxcha control.

At seventh round, the fleet was in favor to the Hacan, Letnev and Xxcha alliance, by moving into Mecatol Power South (which controlled by Hacan). This made the stronghold safe from other players attack. This round the Sol, Lazax and Xxcha alliance cannot win the game. They need to try it again in the next round. At the last round the fleet moved into sector 18, blocked the access on the Imperial Space Navy, which also restrained the Sol, Lazax and Xxcha alliance victory (again the fleet was in favor to the Hacan, Letnev and Jol-Nar alliance).

They started to think another way of victory, which was by Sol’s special victory condition (having Sol or no other player control Mecatol Power South and Imperial Palace).This was proven difficult, since Sol’s unit is on the other side of the board (Civilian Spaceport) and there was the fleet barred the road to the Imperial Palace. But, alas they found a way to made the plan work, at least they thought it would. Lazax moved all his units from Imperial Palace into Mecatol Power South (head to head with 2 Hacan units). And Sol played rapid mobilization to move all but one his units from Civilian Spaceport 8 spaces into Imperial Palace. With this move, they can win the game if during the battle for Mecatol Power South, Lazax sacrifice all his units which would resulted in no one control that stronghold.

But for whatever reason, they’re not supposed to win the game, after Sol’s turn, Jol-Nar, moved 4 units from Cultural Sector to Civilian Spaceport and deployed 4 units to it. This gave the condition 8 to 1 against Sol. While Hacan made a critical move which threw Lazax down. Hacan moved 2 of his unit out of Mecatol Power South, he evaded the battle, which broke Lazax plan to sacrifice all his unit.

The battle resolved, though with 8 units against 1, Jol-Nar could not won the battle, since Jol-Nar was unable to play Atmospheric Ionizer (because Xxcha ally advantage). The Hacan, Letnev and Jol-Nar Alliance won the game because the game end and no other players and Sol had won the game. But, Hacan was treacherous, he betrayed the alliance by revealing the Betrayal Cards (number 2, with having the least units in the casualty pool). Hacan won the game over Letnev and Jol-Nar whose did not realize Hacan’s evil and treacherous plan.

If Jol Nar had won the last battle on Civilian Spaceport, Jol-Nar would be able to override the Hacan treachery with level 7 betrayal cards. Jol-Nar, made a wrong move, he forgot that he had a spaceport, which gave his units the ability to move up to 4 spaces that round. For that reason he could recruit 1 more units and the result of the battle would be different. Great game nevertheless, tense and full of intrigues.

Game in Progress

image courtesy of Willys Octavianus a.k.a Camolatte

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