Die Macher Rules – Special Meetup 23rd March 2012 Session Report

26 Mar

Friday, 23rd March 2012

This time, we held out a special meetup all day at B’Steak Green Ville. Why special? Cause it’s public holiday and some of us had the time to spend all day and there was a Die Macher special session which was planned days before. We started early at 11.00 AM and the venue wasn’t too crowded yet, just a few tables.

1. Pantheon

The first game was already playing once I got there around 12.30 AM, it was 4 players game of Pantheon with Andi Leman (owner), Jeffry, Kenneth, and Kenth (if I was not mistaken). Kenneth saith the final standings of the game were Andi in the first place, followed by Kenneth, Jeffry and Kenth. Too bad i don’t have the picture of this session.

2. Ark

I brought one of my new games, Ark. A simple (so-called one) filler and tried to play it for the first time with 4 players (Me, Marisa, Willys and Daniel). Once we played the game, it turned out the game was not that kind of simple we thought it would be. The restrictions and special abilities of the animals were not so friendly to new players. You need to keep in mind with such complicated rules of how to place an animal card legally into the ship. This could be a pain in the ass for some new players. Marisa didn’t like the first game and decided to blow it and play something else.

3. King of Siam

A rare gem, brought by Daniel, King of Siam is absolutely fantastic. A simple, quick and yet filled with deep tactic but abstract game that I had played twice before. You won’t find this game easily anywhere and it’s quite pricey because it’s already out of print. The game was played with 3 players (Andi, Sally & Brodi) with Sally as the winner, and 2 players game, Daniel vs Jeffry with Daniel’s victory.

4. Shadow Hunters

I haven’t try this game, but it seems the game has similar mechanics like The Resistance, Bang and Werewolf. The game was played by Andi, Sally, Kenneth, Billy, Kenth, Vivi & Marisa.

5. The Resistance

Kenneth asked me to brought this game, my own print and play version of the game. They played it twice I guess with 8 players. Not sure who won the game.

6. Mansion of Madness

Mansion of Madness

5 player game of madness. Billy (owner) played as keeper and Vivi, Marisa, Kenth and Sally as investigators. This is an interesting game, the stories had always been the key factor in the game, though it’s complicated and fiddly rules, you just love to see this. The keeper won the game after eliminating the investigators one by one.

7. Ultimate Werewolf

A party game with secret roles as werewolves and villagers. Played several times not sure who played it and who won.

8. Homesteaders

Daniel (owner) brought this game to the table and played it with 4 players (Daniel, Jeffry, Ivan and Erick). The game was won by Daniel the owner. I noticed something in this game, the wooden components are remarkable and to my surprise the print out boards have doff finishing unlike other TMG game such as Belfort. Quite good component quality I must say.

9. Dungeon Petz

Dungeon Petz

3 players game with Andi, Kenneth and David. Too bad it’s not finished bacause it’s getting late and David need to run. I really want to play this again, just played it once since I bought it.

10. Lancaster

Didn’t really realize who played it, but I guess Jeffry and others.

11. Die Macher

Die Macher

The pinnacle of the event. Andi Leman was begging to play this game since the last gathering (18th March 2012). We played with 5 players (Andi Leman, Yongkie, Brodi, Willys & Me). I was enthusiastic to play this game and I bet others feel the same. We started the game at 01.30 PM (Andi, explained the rules of the game to us) and finished at 20.00 PM, 6 hours and 30 minutes game time, what a game indeed. What game is played for 6 hours and more? Well, this game is surely one of the correct answers, and to be honest, this one just suddenly pop up in my top rated games along with Twilight Imperium and War of The Ring. A finesse Euro game about parliament and election on classic German’s cabinet. Complicated but as usual contained (typical euro) and at first we just stepped blindly in the earlier stages but when entering the last stages, 5-7 stages, we all already knew what to do, but it’s not that easy to acted and get what we wanted. Lots of bidding battles, wits, dirty alliance, accusing, direct conflict, decision making and many more. This is surely political and good gracious, I didn’t know that politic could be so much fun (at least in this game). The bids were ecstatic, you could feel your heart pumped up and down. A superb game with outstanding mechanics which explained that there are often times when your plans didn’t work out as you planned. In short, shit happens. Though there were some reasons that the game as the feeling of king making or leader bashing, but the fact was, it’s quite competitive in some way, this was proven by the fluctuated progress of each player (decision making really prove it’s importance here) and the result was rather not too ranged between players.

Game Board

What I don’t like (conveniently accepted) was the coalition voting terms. When under coalition, players will sum the total amount of their votes to compared with others, which when a player got himself more than 50 votes, the excesses of the votes are still counted towards his vote. Unlike players without coalition, their excesses votes are not counted, which left to the ugly fact that coalitions are surely always win in votes. This is the bad of the game according to me. But nevertheless it’s an awesome game!

The final standings were Willys, followed by Yongkie, Me, Brodi and Andi Leman in the last place.

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