Critical Miscalculation – REX: Final Days of An Empire

22 Mar

Session Report – First Play of REX: Final Days of An Empire

Last Sunday I Played REX: Final Days of An Empire for the first time with 6 players in my gaming group (in fact this was everybody’s first play of the game at our board games community gathering event (18th March 2012). I came out as the first player and chose one race to play with, the rest followed by setup in order according to the races placement on the table. The order of play were:

1. Kris (me) as Emirates of Hacan

2. Marisa as Xxcha Kingdom

3. Timothy as Barony of Letnev

4. Jopy as Lazax Empire

5. Karno as Universities of Jol-Nar

6. Ricky as Federation of Sol

Game in Setup

Everyone has already done their setup, including Xxcha (Marisa) with her prediction tokens. The first round begun with Temporary Ceasefire (early in the game). Alliances were formed and resulted as 3 alliances, Barony of Letnev with Emirates of Hacan (Timothy & Me), Lazax Empire and Universities of Jol-Nar (Jopy & Karno) and Xxcha Kingdom and Federation of Sol (Marisa & Ricky). In the bidding phase, Jol-Nar always looked at the strategy cards, which kinda annoying throughout the game, with the addition that he was in alliance with Lazax. So he know the good and bad cards and did not have any trouble with the influence cost (backed by Lazax).

So in the first round Lazax had already generate a huge pile of influences from other players bid, including me. So he had the advantage on the maneuvering phase. Deploying mass units to the board. He targeted influence generated space, Vel Terro Residential. Hacan did not move or deploy his units, since I was the first player and being one was not my advantage in this phase. Decided not to move from the setup space, Adminus Imperialis (sector 7), for Sol’s Dreadnought fleet was in sector 5, quite near. Other players were deploy and move around the board. Xxcha deployed 3 units on the Scholara Imperialis space. In the bombardment phase, Sol’s fleet moved by 2, and stopped at sector 7 (Hacan units at Adminus Imperialis were trapped inside).

"Your argument is not valid, I won't set alliance with you!"

At round 2, Xxcha was the first player. Again, Jol-Nar and Lazax enjoyed their retribution of the influence in the bidding phase. Others (Letnev & Hacan) started to realize their growing threat. Hacan pay 6 influence to Lazax for a strategy card on the bidding phase. Lazax deployed 7 units (with 1 mechanized) into Scholara Imperialis followed by a series of deployments from other players. Letnev deployed units into Vel Terro Residential to confront Lazax. Sol deployed units in Adminus Mecatol. Hacan followed Lazax into Scholara Imperialis, with massive 10 units in order to harness it’s influences (having the advantage of other deployment cost). The battle begins. Xxcha units flipped out and Hacan lost the battle against Lazax. It’s Leader, Master of Lies (3 Strength) was killed by Lazax strategy card. All units were destroyed. Lazax harnessed most of the influence. In the bombardment phase, Jol-Nar controlled the fleet by not moving the fleet in Admiral Imperialis, to blockade Hacan setup units.

Considering the odd

At round 3, Letnev begun his aggresive movement into Jol-Nar’s position, followed by Jol-Nar reactive respond by rallying into battle. Sol prying on Letnev movement in Vel Terro Residential. Hacan, still having others deployment cost, decided to hammer 10 units into Mecatol Power South, where Xxcha units resided from the beginning. The great battle begun, Between Sol and Letnev with the victory of Sol, while Letnev had his mind on Jol-Nar’s. The crucial battle of Letnev against Jol-Nar took place on Civilian Spaceport, where Jol-Nar made a critical miscalculation on the battlefield and lost. The light at last shone upon the alliance of Letnev and Hacan, which only small Xxcha units left between them and the victory. Hacan hammered Xxcha hard and control the Mecatol Power South. Which led them to victory with 3 strongholds in control. Xxcha miss her prediction slightly, for she predicted Letnev’s vicotry on round. She was unable to foresee the Hacan’s important role in the beginning.

No secrecy!

Great game, great players, great alliances!


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2 responses to “Critical Miscalculation – REX: Final Days of An Empire

  1. Adam

    August 10, 2014 at 11:06 pm

    Hey! I really like this article, but unless I’m mistaken (and I know I’m late to the party on this), any 2 person alliance needs to control 4 strongholds in order to win the game. So, you should have kept playing!


    • vardamir

      August 11, 2014 at 8:12 am

      Hi Adam, yes we made that mistake. My friend’s victory was not valid.
      Somehow we forgot that rule. Thanks.



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