My Recent Played #01 – And No Wonder It’s On The Top

21 Feb

Well, today is 21st February 2012. In the middle of Tuesday morning and just caught with all the things i had recently. Looking through my record of plays (Board Games of course), which led me to think that being a game that I played a lot, 7 Wonders did a significant effort to be placed on top, right in front of Rune Age.

7 Wonders

Come to think of it, looking at the statistic it was quite a numerable gap with 5 plays differences. They’re different games, though basically rooting from the same card game material. But mostly when you compare those two, you’ll get lot of differences, with 7 Wonders being a card game with card drafting mechanic, while Rune Age is deck building. 7 Wonders is played up to 7 players, with a civilization theme and unique game play though lack of direct confrontations / interactions. Meanwhile, Rune Age has a bit of fantasy theme and also 4 different races with special abilities and powers, 4 different scenarios for game play variant, it works well with 1-4 players. Each scenarios gives different feeling to the game and less luck than 7 Wonders.

Maybe one of the simple reason that why both of those games are in the top of my played list is they play quick (with 30-60 minutes per game). This can really boost the amount of plays. You can play 2-4 games in a row.

Rune Age

There are something to think about, I have 7 Wonders way before I have Rune Age and this make 7 Wonders has more advantage time to be played than Rune Age, but I also regard that I haven’t play 7 Wonders quite a long time, first day of the year (new year), played it 3 times. There is no doubt that 7 Wonders is easily one of the best simple, attractive and outstanding filler game, but my gaming groups might as well as kinda grow weary with it, that’s the reason it’s seldom hit the table anymore. While for Rune Age, I played it last week with 3 players and I still liked it.

But when playing with new players, I have my own considerations. Rune Age rule is simpler to teach and not really fiddly but, most common people (new players) somewhat well off unaware about the strength of the theme influence on the game, which is most likely set an unabridged gap for me to teach the game. 7 Wonders is different, though I might as well as get a bottle of water ready after the explanation, the rules is streamlined and easy to comprehend by new players. Though the only obstacle for newbie is get to know the icons. More thorough and clear explanations are needed and this means 15 minutes minimum game explanation at your doorstep exclude the questions afterwards.


Okay, lets now look the rest of the list. Unsurprisingly Martian Dice is on the 3rd place with 17 plays. Looking by the nature of the game, it’s acceptable. Quick and easy, though has totally different feeling. Right below it, is the famous Agricola, which came to my surprise, since it’s a long and fiddly game (2-3 hours), I even played this one 4 hours long (oh that cruciating pain). 12 plays are marvelous, I didn’t even realize and remember. Agricola is one of the game that requires you to enjoy the game flow (at least for me). One does not simply over think the victory from the beginning of the game. Once you enjoy the game flow, you will realize how jewel the game is. Very suitable to play this with close friends or family, enjoy the evening and of course play through it with some snacks. Don’t you agree? Akrham Horror and Balloon Cup stay right behind with also 12 plays. What can I say, Arkham Horror is epic and though it’s leaning down to the dull curve, I still wanna play this if I have the chance (oh that memorable times). On the other hand, Balloon Cup was a black horse, never thought this kind of 2 players filler got my attention. Quick and easy with small table space gives you more reason to play this one. Now with 11 plays, If Wishes Were Fishes and Quarriors, two games that Quarriors being one of the games that I don’t have. It’s one of my friend’s and he lent me for quite a while. So what’s interesting with these two games? If Wishes Were Fishes is one of my earlier games, bought it just because of the components (quoting from my review of the game “Who doesn’t like gummy worms?”. Too bad lately it’s unfairly rarely hit the table and come to think of it, maybe I need to bring it to the table next time. Now, Quarriors is an interesting dice game, with innovative and unique mechanic which brought the game to it’s fame. Quick, simple, easy and very interesting for kids, though the theme is kinda less prowess in the stand of time. I found that to explain this game, it’s easier with a player mat which then I made custom player mats. The bad about this game is, sometimes players will be able to tell the winner just by looking at the possibility, which makes the game quite a bit anti-climax.

Ankh Morpork

After those two, Discworld: Ankh Morpork and Thunderstone are right behind with 10 plays. I am optimistic about Ankh Morpork, to climb the ladder with a serious pace, since my girl and me like this game so much. It’s chaotic and suspicious feeling really shoot you to the gut. Entertaining, full of laughter and of course this kind of game need a perfect gaming group. So, let see where this one stand in the near future. Unlike Aknh Morpork, Thunderstone has been quite a jobless game, and I am in deep concern. Since the existence of Rune Age, Thunderstone just couldn’t get out from the shadows cast by Rune Age, with similar mechanic, Thunderstone was beaten from several aspects such as the setup, the fiddly rules, the less interactions and no scenarios. Even nowadays there are lot of variants on the forum, but it seemed Rune Age won outstandingly. Plan to play it again in the near future. Just hold on Thunderstone!

Drum Roll

Drum Roll, Pickomino and The Resistance follow with 9 plays. While Pickomino is a simple mathy game of dice for kids but some of my friends and me found this game to be hilariously fun. But for some reason it’s just seasonal. Not in my collection and never play it again since it’s returned to it’s rightful owner. Drum Roll in the other hand, has the same mathy feeling though heavier with the salary aspects. Great game, a bit of overwhelming but suit me right into it, great artworks importantly. This one will surely still climbing it’s way in this list. The Resistance is kinda end up in an unfortunate situation, which most players in my central gaming group just rather feel enough of this one. To make the case worse, it really shines with lot of players and with specific gaming group. But nevertheless, always look forward for a session and resistance is futile.

The rest of the list are being end up in the bottom, though I won’t say they’re bad or not good. They just circumstantial not in the best position to begin with. Lack of times, no perfect gaming group that are willing, no chance and other hundreds of reasons. Instead some of them I am hoping to get them played more often like as Caylus, Chaos in The Old World, Troyes, War of The Ring, Brass and many others.

Dungeon Petz

By looking at my board games collection growth, I just wish that i could be able to fairly divide the playing proportion for each game. There are quite many games in my list to be seriously played for their flying time. New games like Dungeon Petz, Belfort, Panic Station, Conquest of Nerath and more of it the upcoming game of Eclipse (this should be EPIC) that I back ordered recently.

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