Event Report : IBG 1st Gamers gathering 2011


Friday, 11th November 2011 – B’Steak Green Ville (19.00 – 00.30)

Started from our regular board games meetup in this cafe located in Green Ville area, we settled down some of the unsettled things (printout name tag and code of conducts) in the last minutes of the meetup. I played Hollywood Blockbuster, Maharaja and 7 Wonders.We decided to print the code of conduct in x-banner format rather than posters and that meant i need to change the layout of the design, so overtime work til 02.00 AM in the morning.

Saturday, 12th November 2011 – Killiney’s Kopi Tiam, Central Park (13.30 – 20.00)

I woke up early that Saturday morning (around 08.00 AM) and went out to print the necessary material for tomorrow’s event. The name tags weren’t a problem, but the x-banner did. There weren’t any digital printing supplier which manage to print it in quick order (corrected, cheap digital printing supplier). I couldn’t reach Daniel Mulia by text or phone, so i decided to cancel the x-banner since the only available ones was too expensive and not in very good quality. I went to Central Park to join with my 2 friends (Eric and Karno), which we played Ankh Morpork in Killiney’s and continued to prepare Chaos in The Old World game while waited for one of my other friends, Jeffry, to joined us. After a little bit of a chaos, we end the game with Eric’s victory by points and decided to settle down and discuss about tomorrow’s event preparation, which rather unclear for some of us. And we were still unable to contact Daniel Mulia nor Ricky Bayu. So all of us decided to made a backup plan if the two of them had not prepared it yet. I don’t know if was it because of the coffee or the anxiety of the preparation but our hearts were pounding so hard and fast. Time passed so quickly and it’s already 8 o’clock and i wasn’t feeling well. We decided to call it off for that night.

Sunday, 13th November 2011 – Function Room Gandaria Heights Apartment (10.00 – 22.00)

It’s early in the morning, around six and there were many peeps in my phone (what’sapp notification alert) from Karno. “What the hell” i think… last night i was unable to sleep, the last time i recall being awake was 4 o’clock and hell, when i was starting to get a good sleep, it’s morning already. So i jumped out of the bed and replied to Karno. He’s an asshole, for reminding me about the Brass sleeves, hell that was quite important to wake me up half an hour early. I checked on Eric and getting ready. At quarter to eight i went out to Eric’s apartment and pick him up. He decided to drop by at 7/11 to have a breakfast, which was only a coffee for him and energy drinks for me and Karno, and we went to nearest local noddle house. We reached Gandaria Heights around 9 o’clock and parked my car in the apartment’s parking lot. The three of us carried a good deal of stuff, including 2 heavy boxes of bottle drinks and my game collections mostly.

Games Deposit

We entered the function room and it got a good impression from us. The place is quite good, cozy and really remote, which was good considered our event. We set up the place and few moment later some other friends shows up, Timot, Ricky, Jopy and Andika. Daniel showed up the last and being the most wanted person that time for he was the one who brought the laptop and name tag holders. Around 11.30 some of the participants started to arrived. Few tables were opened, the first game played was Taj Mahal I guess, table 5 and Ankh-Morpork at table 2. We had an honored guest from Malaysia, his name’s Thir, arrived quite early and played with us. The event reached 44 participants and 31 sessions were played. Some of the games were Ankh Morpork, Taj Mahal, Pantheon, Battlestar Gallactica, Small World, A Game of Thrones, Crusader Rex, Quarriors, The Resistance and many more. Most gamers deposited their games to the games pool and according to the record, there were 125 games deposited in the games pool,what a number to behold.

I played Pantheon first, it’s belong to Andy, which he gave me permission to used. I played with Andika, Raymond and Dede, it’s a tight game, i played it once and quite remember the rules, so i explained the games with the help from Andika, which really helpful, since he had played it several times. The game was competitive but too bad there was one rule that we missed, but still a good game though. Then i ate my lunch before planning to play Battlestar Gallactica (one of my anticipated games on the event). Too bad after that i skip the game for it really takes time and new players were given the priority. So i played Quarriors, with Nugi, Sigit and There. Nugi taught us the game, a simple game but fun. It’s like Dominion or Rune Age, but it’s using dice instead of cards. The game was quick, which Nugi almost took the win but he was overlapped by Sigit with his powerful indestructible quake dragon and primordial ooze. After that, i taught another session of Quarriors to Karno, Jopy and Jeffry. Karno was up ahead with his quake dragons scores high glory points, but he was knocked off when he rolled 2 quake dragon dice with 1 quiddity each (he cannot score this turn) which leave me with possible scoring and overlapped his position to take the 1st place. The game’s quite fun and addictive. I like the colorful dice fest.

Quarriors - Game in Progress

After Quarriors we played quick game with 6 players, The Resistance (Me, Agus, Eric, Karno, Jopy and Jeffry). This game was the most fascinating and awesome session i played in this event and i believe it’s memorable. We started with 4 resistances and 2 spies. In the middle of the game, there were lot of accusation and poiting faces out, very thrilling, breathtaking and chaotic, nobody can be trust and it’s left with Eric as the current leader to made the call. Which the resistance failed it’s third mission. And in the end, i was right that the spies were Jopy and Jeffry. What a game… i lost my voice in that game, and maybe this session was the most outraged, noisy and loudest in the event.

The Resistance - Mission Ready to Carried Out

The last game i played was another Quarriors, with Eric, Timot and Kur. Jeffry pointed out a miss in the rules that Nugi had taught early and we settled down with Jeffry, which had grounds for it and we all agreed that it’s more logic that way. And that was the last game and table opened that night. We must wrapped out the place and went back at 10.00 PM. Exhausted, really really exhausted but fun, even we’re not satisfied with the game time. Usually we had more games with illegal meetups compared to this event. But overall it’s good and i wish there will be more events like this on the future.

All the Crews and Gamers

Here is the link to some photos of the event, enjoy!

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