The High & Low of Gaming Groups

18 Jul

Okay, when you say about Board Games, then it will come to mind that you need a group to play the game. Well, i know there are online play version of board games (which are not counted for) but in this matter it’s not put into consideration. We shall see, how important a gaming group is. To tell you the truth, you can’t play if you don’t have a group (except you think about solo play which i honestly don’t like).
So, if you are a board gamer, then probably you already have at least 1 group. This group can include families, friends, girl / boyfriend or even work colleagues. Or you have more than 1 gaming group which usually common for heavy gamers or board games mania with tend to have routine schedules over the week. Now with just this we can see the importance of a group is, since you will not be able to play without it.
Now let’s go deeper into the matter. What you gaming group consist of? Well i don’t talk about the amount of players, but it’s more like the kind of players your gaming group consist of. This will determine what kind of group you’re playing in. As i can say, your group is the important aspect of any board gaming experience, it could drastically judge the game itself, since your experience about the game will be your key point to rate the game.

I already told you about what part gaming group has in the board gaming experience, now it’s time to define what builds your group. As you can see, one of the board games most interesting parts is the players interaction (which is lies in your group). So i can small down the scales that i talk about the players. There are lot of different types of players, and though it’s not fair to categorized them into types, in this case i think i need to. So, here are the types of players in my opinion, and please try your best not to be offended.

  1. The Victors. These type are just can’t play without winning they like winning, instead they love to win in every plays. Their number one goal is to be number one, at the top of the score boards of every games. They tends to take the game seriously and think hard so they can achieve the glorious victory ignore the rest. Well, if you’re such a competitive person, then you need to try them. Usually they smart, know the game very well, a hard thinker, serious face and solemn throughout the game. What good about them is, they can provide a good challenge for you, to test your skill maybe. The bad thing is, they can pose a serious threat to your joyous victory and the most important thing is they are not fun to play with. Come on, we play games to have fun, not to get overwhelmed like we had in office hours or school tests.
  2. The Clowns. Well i shouldn’t need to explain this type of players to all of you, but never mind, this type is the most common you can find in any group. Why? I’ll tell you why, because this kind of players are the biggest contributors that your gaming group still exist. Nope, they’re not the perfect type but, with them, your group will instantly be alive. This type usually play the games with lots of fun, they shoot you with laughter and overwhelming tears. The good about this kind of players is, they can turn your seemingly desperate and brain burner game sessions into a fun in the circus or comedy show. They will non stop humoring you and your friends with their unbelievable skill of self denial, out of place, regrets, and persistent foolishness. Now the bad thing is, they tend to slow the game as they usually makes unimportant gestures or actions in the middle of the game that made you want to slap your fore head.
  3. The Cheaters. Now, this is the kind of players that you really want to avoid. No one’s enjoying the company of this kind of players and to the very least, what’s the good of the game if you cheat? One must take a good look upon this kind of players since they will make their moves when others looking away. This kind of players can turn your gaming session into trial session which end up really bad with someone accusing each other. So, be careful with this one. Keep lots of eyes on this one, on the general supplies and count all of his assets. You don’t want him to come up with more that he can come up to.
  4. The Losers. Well, this type is the kind that really annoying. They will complaining relentlessly and without end. The only thing that come out of their mouth is the things that did not happen as they planned or hundreds of reasons why they’re unlucky. So, tuck your ear plug and enjoy the pantomime. They will blabber as much as they want and you set the remote on mute. Please, do your best to survive the ongoing madness if you miss the ear plug.
  5. The Thinking Dead. Yeah, let’s assume they’re zombies or else. You play board games with bunch of zombies, who cannot think (or doesn’t want to) and never have the will to play or finish the game. The only thing that keep that stay still is they have nothing better to do or they had been forced to play! It’s kinda pain in the ass if you’re the only one eager to play and finish the game right?

So, after all these types descriptions, maybe you can look at yourself before you judge players next right to you, what types you are? For me, personally i could put myself on the clown types. I enjoy playing board games, any kind of board games (generally) and really enjoy the play, not the winning (for me victory is kinda like a bonus when ding something you like). And i really ecstatic or enthusiastic when i can invite people to play, or even let them play without me playing. It somehow satisfying for me. But i kinda lil’ bit victors and losers types frequently, just to allow the game is flowing and living.

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