Hello world!

22 Jun

Hello board gamers… or anyone who has taken interest in my subject of interest and passion (board games and card games). My name is Angrod Vardamir (definitely not my real name), i am a board gamer from Indonesia and here’s my blog.

Please feel free to browse and read my blog here, it’s new and still need a lot of preparations and i wish it’s gonna satisfied my expectation. I find it persistently for me to write (since writing is one of the good thing about us, to make a record about us, life and anything. So) everything about what interest me. Board games has become my passion recently, i play, play and play when i have the time and chance. There are things around it that cannot be describe with only words, but them words is such a powerful medium nevertheless. So i begun to write game reviews, session reports and any other things.

So here you can find reviews, informations, and many more about board and card games.

Thx for visiting my blog… i hope i’ll be able to maintain and update it from time to time.

You can check my BGG profile here or you can enter Indonesian Board Game Community forum from here, my nickname is Vardamir.

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